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eczema has any one tried? Lock Rss

my baby is suffering from eczema. i was wondering if any one has tried the robertson's skin repairing formula advertised in the baby mags. or do you have any other suggestions. my first born also suffered from it but out grew it. i am using sigmacort twice a day and qv skin repair cream by the truck load.

amanda,nsw,girl 20mths, boy 3.5

Hi, my bub has excema on his cheeks, I use emu oil which has worked really well for him, and also the blackmores vitamin E cream to moisturise and help his skin to repair itself, hope this helps

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

I found the roberstons ok but our paedtrician said the best thing is to apply sorb at least 8 times a day and this worked wonders for us. And I spent $100's on all the "miracle" cures


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

thanks for your advice. i will give sorbelene a go . Liams mum my daughters eczema is on her cheeks also where do you get emu oil from i will give it a go.

amanda,nsw,girl 20mths, boy 3.5

hey. well my little girls eczema is looking really good. we used robertsons that i ordered on the net, it was really good to help get in nearly cleared up then sigmacort and sorbelene cream. sorbelene cream is all i am using in the bath and as a moisturiser. thanks to everyone for your reply's.

amanda,nsw,girl 20mths, boy 3.5

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