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cradle cap Lock Rss

Hi there

I just found cradle cap on jasmine's head.
I don't have any idea about cradle cap,
What should I do? change bath lotion??? ....
Any advice??
please help.

Thank you

Jasmine 08/03/05

cradle cap is normal!!!!!!!
i dont know what causes it, but i do know its normal!!!!!!!!!!!!! my mum told me to use baby oil or just plain olive oil. rub it into bubs scalp b4 bed and just wash it off in the morn. dont know personally if it works, but my mum says so and shes got 5 kids!
so its worth a ttry!!
hope this helps
hi I found that oil didnt work and my plunket suggested washing her hair with normal adult shampoo, no conditiner so I washed it every 2nd night and it dissapered completly,but cant remember how long it took, only 1 or 2 weeks I think.
the cradle cap wont hurt her at all its just cosmetic

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi,Olive Oil worked for my baby,i just combed it first to make it flakey then added the oil over night & it was gone & never came back. Nikki

my little boy had a slight bit of cradle cap a few weeks back. I tried oil but that didnt seem to work so then my mother told me to put a bit of vasiline on it and it cleared every trace of it within a day!
I got a good tip that worked from my early child nurse. Put the olive oil on and leave it on over night. Wash it out in the morning with warm water and bicarb soda. Repeat until all gone. Comb out the chunkies. The cradle cap yellow chunks are now all gone. Her head is still slightly dry and since I am a bad mum and to lazy to keep up the regime I massage sorbelene cream into her scalp and wash it out in the bath. Less messy than oil every night. Seems to do the job though.


Thank you everyone
I try olive oil and leave overnight and wash out.
also When i bath her, i use wet towel and leave it on her head for while.
and they work.

Thank you again


Jasmine 08/03/05

My DH works ihn a nursing home and the residents get it heaps and they found using vegetable oil is the best thing...even better than baby oil!

Just massage it in and leave it for a while the gently, using a soft bristle brush for babies, brush babies scalp...and then wash bubs hair if you like.

We found with our kids that a gentle brushing of their scalp daily helped to keep the cradle cap away.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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