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Red pimple on the chin Lock Rss

Hi there,
I found a little of red pimples( spots) on my baby girl's chin.
What 's cause that? How can I prevent and how to treat it.
Thank you


Jasmine 08/03/05

saliva. i reckon its saliva and dribble. Also milk. if you wipe her chin constantly with a wipe or something soft...dont push hard. I always just use my sleeve to wipe his chin. Also I wipe baydens face and neck 3 times a day with a baby wipe or face washer just to remove it all so he doesnt get spit sores.
Keep it up dont stop it should go away. If it gets left it can very usually ge worse and possibly bleed and get yukky. Keep up with it let us know in a week or so

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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