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How young is too young for getting babies ears pierced Lock Rss

Does anyone know how young is too young for getting little girls ears peirce.. My little girl is 8 months and i wanted to get them done by her chrisenting (1st of feb) but was told that you shouldn't get it done until they are at least one as there ear lobes are still growing????

What do other mum's think of this...

Hi Robyn,

My daughter is 6months old and I had her done at 3 months. I am glad I did it early as she's use to them now. The pharmacy's and chemists now only do them at 1yr old however you can get them done younger at hairdressers. I was told to wait as they would be tugging at their ears when they were too little but she was fine and cried while the held her. The shock of the gun made her stop crying. Her ears are fine and she doesn't play with them and they never got infected. Overseas in sth american countries they provide this service in hospitals when they are born. Hope this helps.

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

Hi Robyn A,
You can get them done as young as you like, but only certain places will do them under 12 months of age. I had my daughter's ears peirced at 8 months, but I know of people that peirced their kids (boys and girls) ears at 2,3 and 6 months of age. The younger, the better, as they don't have the ability to pull at them, and rip them out of their ears and cause damage to the lobe. If you decide to go ahead, buy a small bottle of baby methylated spirts (from the chemists) and cotton bud tips and gently rub the metho on her peircings 3-4 times a day. This will prevent any infections from setting in. If you want them done before her christening, get them done very soon, so they have time to settle down (the redness/soreness to go away), before her big day. Hope this helps with your decision.

Mother of 3, Qld

I think it's a personal choice that no one should criticize! I had mine done quite early but we have decided to wait till our daughter is old enough to make up her own mind...after all, it's her ears!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Thanks guys,

I will wait until her christening is over now since it is this sunday.. But i will for sure now get them done early much to hubby's disgust.. Ah well. I know a few people are buying her earings for her pressents so i have an an excuse to get them done.

i think the choice should be up to the parent. i had my daughters done just before her first birthday. we had no dramas,no infection, she never touched them but best of all she on cried for 2 minutes.i had been told not to have them done until she was 6 or 7 as her ear lobes were still growing. my neice had hers done at a similar age of 1 , she is now7 1/2 and hers are fine.

trudy,nsw,mum to kai 5 & chelsea 21 mths

Hi I've just had both my daughters ears done one is 6 years the other 5 months. The place i had them done used a numbing cream and neither of them felt a thing. Its been over a month since and neither one has had a problem. The piercer gave me an antiseptic ear care spray for them to use. the numbing cream is fantastic and if you cant find a place that provides it you can buy it from a chemist. Hope this helps

Carlie, 3 girls 12/02/98,05/08/03 & 06/08/05

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Hi Toni and hubby,

You didn't offend me. And yes it is a personal choice. I would love to get my little girls ears peiced and would love to do it early so she wouldn't remember it but i wasnt sure if there was a medical reason some people might know about why you shouldnt get babies ears peiced.. I don't agree with getting them done too early but i would love to get them done before she turns one in late May, as if you leave it any later they will pull at them and also turn when getting them done. Once again this is a personal choice and with this they can always pull them out if they don't like them later and let the holes close up.

Hope you have a great day gasp)

Hi Robyn
I had my daughters ears pierced a few days after her first birthday. We had them done at the chemist and they were great though she had to be 12 months old. We never have had problems and even at 3 she lets me take them out to clean them and put them back in. Our friends daughter is 7 and she wanted her ears pierced but cause shes older, she couldnt handle the pain and they only ended up doing one ear, she refused the other cause it hurt too much. At least my girl had a quick cry and it was forgotten. It also helped that we had 2 girls doing it, and they did both ears at the same time. I agree with your above comment that if your daughter doesnt like it when they are older then its easy to fix by letting the holes grow over, but I think most females like having their ears pierced. my daughter always comments on peoples pretty earings.

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Hi Loubielou,

Thanks for you for your reply, i will print it off and show my hubby. Unfortnantly my husband wouldnt let me get them done, as my little girl sleeps on her side and he was worried that the stud would hurt her and i guess i didnt think of that as i know i dont wear my earings to bed for that reason and now being a mum i forget to put them in, i only put them in for special occasions.

We will be getting them done before next Oct as my little girl will be a flower girl and i would love her to have them peiced for that.

Thanks again for your reply.

i have a funny story to why my girls have their ears done.......

this year easter time..... i was the clueless probably the worst mum in the world.......... i thought the easter bunny came on Saturday:)smilesmilesmilesmile
my girls woke up and there was their eggs and a lil present to go with them........
they wanted to tell their aunty all about it so i called my sister.... told her... the girls want to tell you what the easter bunny brought.... i then got called an idiot the easter bunny wasnt due till Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt bad even though my sister did a lie for me and said the easter bunny did come to her too, i took the girls shopping and asked what they wanted...... they could have anything....... my eldest who is turning 5 (in october) said i want ears peirced... my lil one wanted them too (being only a year apart they want all the same - just like twins)

So there you go the process of my girls getting there ears done at that age....... they wanted them and they were allowed..........

i think it is up to the parent if at a young age they wnat them done.....

me myself i got my done first at 7 and they got really horrible............ i had to end up taking them out.... i got them re done at 17 and still have them ......

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