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Keeping bub entertained Lock Rss

Hi I have a 4 1/2mth old girl who's curiosity seems to exceed my ability to entertain her. Play time has become very frustrating for her and me please help with ANY ideas!
Hi Katkane. My first son was one of those babies that needed to be entertained all the time. He only slept for about 40 min to 1 hr during the day - so needless to say I was very busy. In the end I just used to take him from room to room with me in a baby rocker and kept talking and singing to him while I got things done, moving him around the room to look at different things, etc. He did get frustrated and cry a lot of the time, so I just let him cry for a while and then my entertainment was exciting again. Without making you feel bad, he is now 4 on Tuesday and still demands constant entertainment. Luckily his new brother is happier to just lie and entertain himself. I hope that you enjoy your little one's awareness of the world around her. This is just how I coped with keeping my bub entertained.
Do you take her outside at all? this used to work for my son, he loved it particularly if he could see trees moving in the breeze. Just an idea!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Going outside is a great idea. We were lying under a tree the other day and Gabrielle was thrilled. At this stage she is constantly rolling over but under the tree she was so excited she didn't even try for over an hour.

The other thing that keeps her entertained when we can't give her our full attention is her play gym. We've replaced some of the toys that come with it with ribbons to touch and egg rings and measuring spoons that clang and that she can grab.

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05

My 3mth old girl likes to be entertained constantly whiich is fairly trying seeing her motor skills are just developing. So to ensure she doesn't get bored with her toys a change them around constantly and if i am trying to get jobs done i place her in the rocker, bouncer or chair where she can see me and talk her through what i am doing.
Going outside also works a treat when she becomes unsettled late afternoon we take the bouncer outside and she loves it.

Deb, Vic

Hi, I to had the same problem with my now 4.5 month old son. It was getting to the stage I was so exhausted by the end of the day trying to come up with new idea's. I know have a fisher n price keyboard which I lay him under as I am cleaning around him I put the music on and he plays with the rattles which hang off it. I put on kiddy videos and we both dance and play to the music, I read to him even though half the time the books end up screwed up and then late afternoon as the sun is getting lower we go for our hour walk. All these activities are now a daily routine and it has seemed to have stimulated him and me we both have a more enjoyable day together. For more learning ideas go on the Fisher-Price sight and you will find many ideas for any age group. GOOD LUCK..
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