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Hi I have a 6 month old son Jakson and want to buy a sling for him. We did have a carrier but he is getting to heavy to carry in that on my shoulders and back.Have been looking at the Baba Slings. Does anyone have one of these and have you found it useful?
We live in QLD. Which sling would be the best for this climate? Would the Baba sling get too hot for me and Jakson? Cheers
hi there!

Sorry I haven't used the sling you mentioned. I use a mei tei which is brilliant! I was going to say have a look at a natural parenting forum. You might have more luck with people there!
go to the following web site to weigh up the pro's & cons. (Personally I think it would get too hot).

Hope you find a carrier that is great.

Hi! I have a baba sling, but I've found H (now 7 months) is getting too big for it and doesn;t like it anymore.I find it does get hot (even tho it's cotton). However, he LOVES the baby backpack I have- he's in an upright position, up high- he can see everything and I have my hands free. I find it more comfortable to carry him on my back, and find it easier to move about. Hope this helps.

I really dont think that you can go past the ERGO. We have two in our family smile If it's hot - we simply wear a singlet under it, and have the children in a singlet too. They adjust to our body temperature anyhow - otherwise, babies in Asia wouldnt cope on their mama's backs all day.

I read something about this once. I used our ERGO in the far north and boy was it hot. Our son kept saying 'back! back! back! though - so he must not have minded the heat too much.
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