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Whats the Best Baby Cream Around for Dry Skin?? Lock Rss

My baby has dry skin on her forehead only, its very flaky. Can anyone recommend whats the best cream to buy for her??


I use sorbolene, its very gentle, unperfumed and unlikely to cause any irritation.

There's a stack of different brands and all are reasonably priced. We got a pump container of Johnson & Johnson baby sorbolene (which will probably last forever its so big smile but have used Redwin as well.
My DS has eczema and i use QV cream.

i use the brand gaia(just starting to sell in coles) can generally find it at chemists though and it was designed by a mum with kids who have eczema. it works great. my daughter has never had a problem since i switched.

my 2 beautiful girls meena and hannah

Gaia skin soothing thing ever for those odd dry spots. i use it sometimes too!

DD has been sensitive to a few baby products and wipes, but no probs with Gaia. We have their whole range at home now.
QV cream is good. My nephew had really bad eczema and this was recommended.
You can try bepanthan, or for dry skin near babies mouth or for a very soothing creme try nipple cream- lansinoh. Works well you may not need too many 'extra' cremes. Keep in mind, these cremes/ointments were made for the most sensitive skin possible- nipples & bottoms, so they should work well for delicate skin. Just a note, lansinoh is a great lip balm.

hey there i use dermeze ointment its the best i have ever used i use it at night as it feels like vaseline you will see the difference even after one night of use my dd had such dry skin and really baby cradle cap and now she is so smooth its developed by thr royal children's hospital melbourne you can pick it up from any pharmacy and it not expensive

Johnson and Johnson, Natural baby care and Baby Beauty Products. These are the good brands and products are really good with no side effects.
My son suffered from the same problems the patchy dry areas are eczema spots.I have tried everything until i switched to eucerine baby bath and my Doctor prescribed hydrocrotazone it use when it Fleur's up you use it for two weeks straight and then stop to let the areas breath a bit and start using it when the problems occur again.Now if the area is yellow and crust it is infected and your Doctor should prescribe a cream for it. Also you can use the aveeno oatmeal bath it helps sooth and calm the itching ( i swear by this product its the best!) also to hydrate the skin you can use hydrated petrolatum (hydropetrolatum) twice a day and it keeps their skin moisturized and it sold at drug store for $13 for a big tub that will last you a few months....check into these products they are amazing! they have helped my son when needed
My daughter had horrific dry skin and rashes. The Dr recommended Aquaphor but it didn't work. I put Aveeno baby eczema cream on her once and she was 90% better! Now her skin is back to baby soft in just 3 days.
We use organic coconut oil on our daughter. We give her a body massage 2-3 minutes with it every night before bed. Her skin is no longer dry. It's amazing it took a few weeks....
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