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Siezures Lock Rss


My daughter who will be six onths old in a few days started having seizures when she was six weeks old. We are still waiting for full diagnosis of whether it is epilepsy or something else. She will be having an MRI soon. I remeber when she started to have these seizures how frightning it was, and how uniformed I was in the hospital. I was wondering if there are other parents out there who have had similar experiences.


My son was born in Oct 2002 and 24 hrs after being born he started having seizures. He had all the tests under the sun and they ended up puting it down to lack of oxygen during the birth. But your situation may be different I don't know. It is very scary and I hope all works out for you. He was put on a anti-convulsant antibiotic for 3-4 months, was weaned off it and have had no trouble since.

Sal, QLD, 22mnth toddler

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