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sunscreen and insect repellent Lock Rss

Hi everyone
I am taking my 51/2 month bub down the coast over the long weekend.
Firstly I would like some advice on a good sunscreen for babies, whos used what? what do other mums out there recommend.
Also if he is anything like me he will be prone to mosquito bites. Can you use insect repellent on bubs?

He is prone to skin rashes, and eczma so a bit cautious as to what to use...

mum of shaun

Hi there

I bought a toddler sunscreen from the chemist, that was all they had but best thing is to keep them out of the sun so hat, perhaps a cotton wrap to hold over or keep in pram with hood over.

I'm not sure about mossie repellant on such a young baby, maybe ask the chemist.
yes i will have a hat and of course cotton wraps and a pram sun cover.
however there maybe times when he might catch a bit of sun so thought i would double up, cant hurt. But yeah i will check at the chemist tomorrow.


mum of shaun

Yeah we did same (double up), I dont think they make a "baby" sunblock which is why we got the toddler model which is 30+ because you cant avoid getting a bit of sun hey smile
get some sunscreen from the Health Food shop - or better still - dont use any - and get some long sleeve cotton tops and trousers (bonds?) and a big hat?
I use a bottle of GAIA skin naturals massage oil with pure essential oils to get rid of bugs. I googled the oils to get rid of mossies and ordered them and added them. works a treat for us smile
You could also put repellent on his cloths rather than his skin.
I think the cancer council/foundation makes a sunscreen with a repellant.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

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