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When to change the car seat around Lock Rss

My baby weighs 8kgs and is very steady with her head.
She is trying to sit up and she is 5 months.

What age is it recommended to turn the car seat around.


4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

G'day. I have just turned our seat around. The tag on the seat said 8kg. On one of our trips to the CHN I got Jess weighed and she weighed just over 8kg. I waited a little while (a couple of weeks) after that to make sure she was able to sit up by herself just in case it was too early- she was only 5mths too.
I laughed at the CHN when she suggested waiting until Jess was 6months- she had her legs dangling over the edge because of her length!! Anyway, she checked her book, and I was right- as long as they are over 8kg and have good head control.

Your bub sounds like she is ready- just check your child seat- it should have the weight restrictions on the tag.
Kind regards

I flipped Ella around when she was 8 kilos & she was 8 kilos at around 8 1/2 months...

Love Anna

Ella: 2 years Eden: 1 year

The recommendation is 8kg and 6months old to turn the car seat around to forward facing.
My son is 6months old and very steady but only weighs 7.2kg so I will wait it out til he reaches the 8kg.
My eldest daughter was 8kg long before she was 6months but we just waited til she was 6months old.
Better to be safe.


The recommendation that they need to be 6 months is wrong. The CHN needed to check this, and found out that as long as they are over the weight restriction & good head control it is ok to turn the seat around.

It doesn't even make sense to wait until they are 6 months.

What if they are long babies and they are pressing their feet against the back seat?

What if they are lifting their heads up trying to sit up, and when you break their head gets jolted to the seat?

What if your baby is technically 6 months from the time of birth but was premi, so corrected they are only 4months?

ok- alot of what if's. But surely, common sense would prevail in alot of these cases. If you read the manufacturers instructions on your seat, it will properly state to turn the seat around at either 8kg, or 9kg and will properly not state an age bracket (our's doesn't).

Thanks Very much,

I have noticed she likes to kick the back seat alot so we will be waiting until the mid October to turn the seat around.

The manual says 8kgs so I could turn it around now but I will wait another two weeks.


4 1/2 yrs boy 28 mth girl

My little ones 6 1/2 months, shes only just over 6.5kgs. Is that to light to for me to turn the seat around. Shes got pretty good head control, doesnt sit up by herself yet but is getting there. If i wait until shes 8kgs il be waiting about another 2 months.

8-9 kgs is the minumum weight. Most car seats will safely hold your child rearward facing until they are 12 kgs. Check the instruction booklet, not the seat or the box. The seat and the box will usually have the minimum weight listed on it.

My DD is 9 kgs and almost 7 months old and still facing backwards. She is long enough to touch the back of the seat but is not at all uncomfortable. Ive attatched a toy to the seat so that when she kicks it makes a noise, keeps her very entertained.

Beth, 6.5kgs is too light. You wont do her any harm by leaving her for another 2 months. The longer they are rearward facing the safer they are.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

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