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They hate the car. Lock Rss

Hi my bubbies are 3 months old and they are so unsettled in the car, so i am wondering if any body has any suggestions for happy driving?
And when is a good time to go out?
Just before sleep or half an hour after a feed? I am clueless thanks.

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My little one (4 months) hates being in the back of the car alone. We figured it was pure boredom so strung a toy so she had some-thing to look at. It giggles with the movement of the car and rattles (just a cheap Big W pram toy). I also put some more shades up as we noticed she would get really annoyed if the sun got in her eyes. It seems to work best for us if we either put her in the car just after a feed/burp or straight from her cot (asleep). She loves music but even the radio, me singing or talking doen't seem to work in the car. I can't wait to turn her around but some time to go as she is only 6.5kg. Best of luck !

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I had the same problem with my son when he was your twin's age. He would scream and turn blue if we travelled anywhere longer than 5 minutes. He was a big baby (at 3 months he was 8 kg, so we just turned ours around and into sitting position. He never cried in the car again.
If I can remember way back, the advice I was given was to wait half hour after a feed cos their tummies may become unsettled. But before sleep is good for longer trips, not shorter, otherwise you wouldn't want to have to wake them up or disturb their sleep if you have to stop and get out after a short trip. Then they may get really cranky and gang up on you, hehe.

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I also have twins, and I've been through similar situations with the car and the stroller.
There was a time when Abigail cried everytime she was in the stroller, so someone suggested to me that she may have heard a noise that scared her or something else may have happened while in the stroller, so now she relates the scary thing to the stroller, which is why she crys.
But in my case I noticed she was trying to pull herself up into sitting position. We had the stroller in the lying down position, so I set it up in the sitting position-that was it, all she wanted was to sit up and see out...LOL
Anyway hope this helps.

My boy - Riley - hated the car (and from where we live to get anywhere we have to drive distances). He would scream and I would get so distressed I would have to pull over to the side of the road and calm him down or put him to sleep before continuing. I cried everytime I had to drive anywhere alone with him (if hubby was driving I would sit in the back with Riley). One drive late at night I didn't feel safe pulling over to the side of the road, so I turned the music up really loud so I didn't hear him scream. By the time we got home I was a mess, but Riley was sound asleep. From then on if he starts getting grizzly in the car I would turn the music up! Riley really loves "The Waifs".
As for "whens a good time to drive" you need to find out what suits your babies. Riley found it hard to fall asleep in the car, so I would have to go out just after his nap. Some babies hate lying down after a feed, so lying them in their car seat wouldn't be a good idea.
I hope you find a solution soon...good luck!

Bindi, WA, mum of two

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