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my baby has eczema Lock Rss

I saw the dr this morning about my baby's rash and he said she has eczema. No one in my family has ever had it. Has anyone got some tips on taking care of it? How long it last for? And what I should avoid? I really didnt like that dr. Soon as I walked in, he wanted me to sign for the medicare, didnt answer my questions and rushed me out. I hate when Doctors are like that!!!!!

argh! I hate when doctor's are like that too! You were obviously concerned and he wasn't very helpful. I sometimes think that sometimes doctors are too quick to diagnose eczema, give you a perscription and rush you out.

Do you have a good relationship with your pharmacist or chn? Ask them for advice.

Some things that you can try are:

Change whatever you are washing your baby in and use either Aquias (sp??) cream or Dermavene bath oil (both from the chemist)

Tak to the pharmacist about a good cream to use like QV, Dermavene, or my personal favourite for almost everything - Paw Paw Ointment.

Good Luck!

(I think Eczema is always worse in Summer sad )


My nearly 6 month old son has ezcema.He had it pretty bad on the sides of his face - it actually got infected and it was weeping - horrible stuff! its finally healing - after countless trips to 3 different doctors, dozens of creams and many sleepless nights. so i understand what you are going through. Apparently if a family member has had asthma, hayfever or any other allergies then bub is more likely to get eczema.

So here are my tips:
- i use Amolin washing detergent for his laundry and try not to hang them where there is pollen
- i use QV oil for the bath, no bubble baths, use warm water, only bathe every other day
- QV cream on body although i recently found a cream called Eucerin (costs about $7 from chemist) that is awesome. its like wool fat and keeps his face nice and moist. i find sometimes QV doesnt moisturise as well and i have to keep reapplying all the time.
- warm weather apparently makes it worse so i keep him lightly dressed only so he doesnt get too hot. now that the weather is warmer his face sometimes gets a rash but it comes and goes.

Most babies apparently grow out of it by the time they turn 3 so fingers crossed it goes away. Its awful to see your baby like that but i figured there are worse things that could happen to them!


Hi, my boy gets a rash on his face and chest. I can't use any fragrant soaps and he can only where cotton clothing as anything with nylon or wool makes his rash worse. I use Cetaphil cream everynight after his bath, over his whole body & face. For his bath I use Johnson's baby oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E and wash his face with the Cetaphil skin cleanser. If the rash comes up during the day I'll just apply some of the Cetaphil cream and it works a treat. I also use a natural soap powder for washing his clothes. Since doing this his skin has come up lovely. I have heard that the QV is really good too. The doctor told me that he just had dry skin and to use Alpha Kerri for his bath and rub down. This made it worse as alpha kerri has a fragrant. I hope you find something that works. I just kept eliminating things and eventually worked it out.
I would go back to basics - and I mean real basics.
With food - with what you wash with - everything.
We 'treated' our sons excema in this way - and it went away after some time. I would be going to a naturopath who specialises in children, (look on the for one?) or ask for a recommendation in your area.

Check out the bottle of Johnson and Johnsons products to find that they contain chemicals. things you cant pronounce which cant be good for skin. if you google them you will find out why. I buy basic olive oil soap with nothing added - and wash in Eco Store stuff from NZ from the supermarket. we also took ALL colors and preservatives from our diets. hard work with no prepackaged stuff - but it worked. solved over time - just by going back to basics......

we also bought organic singlets and organic cloth nappies, just to make it all the more 'natural' for him smile
My bub has had eczema on and off since she was about 2 weeks old and we have tried all sorts of things.
I wash her clothes in Purity Sensitive laundry liquid, you can buy this from either Coles or Woolies. When it is really bad I bath her in the Alpha Keri Bath Oil and moisturise her body in the Alpha Keri Moisturising cream, you can get them from the chemist.
At the moment it has calmed down so I bath her in just plain water nothing else added and use a soap called Billy Goat Soap, which is fantastic, it is a soap that you can use and they don't break out with eczema. You can buy this at certain health food stores and chemists, their web address is so you can see where the closest store to you is and some info on it too.
My bub is also alergic to eggs, so it also may be a certain type of food too.
I know what it is like and at times it can be really hard when it is really irritating them, just keep an on it and make sure it doesn't get infected, if it does go back to the doctors and get something for it. (perferably a different doctor as the one you saw sounds like an idiot).
Try and get it cleared up before summer, because it is worse in summer, at least in winter you can cover them up, but summer the last thing they and you will want is to be in long pants and top.
Good Luck.

Mum, Dad & Annabelle (Qld)

Hi guys i have one the same is is 9 months today and has it from head to toe we have spent hundreds of dollars trying thing on him...The Dr even put him on steroids for a week that didn't do anything we have tried every cream there is i now use good old oats in a stocking just soak it in warm water and rub it all over or put it in the bath....And at night when he is really bad he has antihystomine....I hope it works for you to i laughed when the dr told me to use it but it is the best thing i have ever done and cost a lot less...Also we use invite pure vitiman E cream to keep it soft..

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I went to the dr again as a check up for my baby and he said it isnt eczema at all. It is just dry skin. She gets it every now and then. It isnt itchy, its little spots, sometimes turns red and when it clears up it is patchy dry skin. The dr said to only use sobalene cream and there's no need to use the eczema cream I brought.

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