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Dramatic Weight Loss Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I would love if someone could help me! Or could tell me someone who has been through a similar experience to mine. Ok so my beautiful little girl is now 15 months old. I breastfed her til she was 12 months old. During my breastfeeding I dramatically dropped all of my baby weight but kept going and now I weigh 43Kgs. I have eaten better than I ever have and have had larger and more frequent meal portions than ever before but no matter how much or what I eat I still can not gain weight. The weight fell off really quickly when Tate (my little princess) was about 6 months old. I stopped at 43kgs and that is where I have stayed for the past 10 or so months. And because I am so thin I have been sick with a different bug every couple of weeks.

I have been to several GPs but none of them can give me answers. If anyone can give me any clues I would really appreciate it.

Oh yeah and alot of people have suggested PND but I know myself that that is not the problem. I am happy with my life and within myself.


Tanya, Qld, 11mth girl

Tanya - Same thing with me... I was 54-56kg to start with, got to 68kg at end of preg. and now weigh 50kg. I am so tired (all the time), no energy, not hungry and starting to look anorexic.

Might make a GP appt.

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