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BABY WEIGHT. what works and what doesn't Rss

Well I'm trying to lose the baby weight so I can have my second child. Wondering if any of those weight loss we all hear about actually works like excise dvd, machine like leg magic or ab kind pro, shake and diets, weight loss programs.

For me personally I've tried or trying:

-Gym: Went with my friend like 3 times and gave up

-Carmen Electra's fit to strip: done it twice and give up. I think cos when your that big and trying to do something sexy is just make you feel worse.

-Lemon Detox: Bought it but just waiting for week that im actually gonna have no plan for the whole week so I can start.

-Celebrity Slim: Bought the start pack and had one this morning. it didnt taste too good.


yoga. worked for me. plus having a cactus thyroid did wonders lol

My sister is on Tony Ferguson and says it really works! She is also going to the gym in the mornings 3 times a week. Was a size 18-20 now down to a 16 in like 2 months! Apparently her average has been 1.5kg per week lost. I dunno about the taste but it is a shake for breakfast and dinner and healthy lunch (or you can swap lunch and dinner) like salad and only hand sized piece of protein such as lean chicken, fish or meat. You can also snack on as much fruit and salad as you like and she also bought these biscuits (dunno the brand) that have no calories and taste just like cream wafers, I actually liked them! Good luck.

Im on the Celebrity Slim shakes pretty much same as the Tony Ferguson one. You're suppose mix it with water but I prefer it more with Milk with I think its not good cos than its too much carbs.

Does any of those ab king pro or leg magic work?

I cant do yoga, I tried that when I was in high school and totally hate it feels like i was gonna break my back

I've been doing Weight Watchers. I've lost nearly 16 kilos in 3 months. Was a 14-16, now am 10-12 (I can even fit into some 8's!!!) Its worked fabulously for me, but it does take quite a bit of discipline, and keeping track of exactly what you put in your mouth.

Mum to Oscar 22/9/04 and Jonas 6/3/07

16kg in 3 months thats what I need. I plan to have my second baby around feb march. I think thats the problem everyone know what not to eat is the controlling what goes in the mouth part thats hard.

I tried the tony ferguson diet - but struggled as I love my food. I couldn't just eat salad and fruit. I got really bad constipation too from the shakes.
I have also tried the leg magic - and it hurt my legs so much I pulled a muscle in my groin (over stretched)
At the moment, I take DS and puppy for long walks. I haven't shifted any weight, but at least I am not gaining any. good luck.....

Jonathon 27/4/07 and DD due 7 Feb 09

I went on the Tony Ferguson diet soon after my youngest was born. I lost 10 kgs on the diet. I then changed over to Optifast (you can buy it at just about any chemist) only because it was alot easier to get hold of in my town, and I lost 10 kgs on it too. If I was dieting hard again, I would do the tony ferguson diet again, mainly because they have a great support forum, where there are heaps of recipes, etc that you can have on the diet. Optifast was good though, because it was based on Calories, not Carbs, so if I had a bit of a blow out on it (like choccy) I would skip a shake, and fill up on veges, so I didn't go over the calorie limit (don't think you're supposed to do it like that though!)

Its hard to have 2 meal on shakes so far i've only been drinking one but the other meals i watch my carbs as one shake has 24carbs i just eat something close to it. and I had to add abit of milk in my shake the first one i had with only water was so gross i donno if its the flavor or cos it has no milk

I want to try leg magic but then imagine only the bottom half of your body is slim how weird would that be. I cant wait till go on the lemon detox but im gonna wait till after the new year and clean out my system altogether.

i have started the Tony Fergison diet, i love the shakes!! didnt like the choc flavour but the banana and espresso are sooo tasty. Im a size 16-18-20 (depending on brand!) and im slowly losing the weight im not doing it very strict at the moment. Replacing a meal a day and eating healthy is a great way to start with lots of exercise. It works!!
Willpower is always the hardest bit of any weight loss plan!

Basically, it's a balancing act - energy in (food) and energy out (activity). So, if the energy in is the same as energy out, you stay the same weight. If you increase the energy out (activity) then you lose weight with the added bonus of building muscle (making you look slimmer and more toned).

The most sensible thing is to do more physical activity, doesn't have to be a certain program, just do more. Walking is great, swimming, belly dancing (larger women are the best at this), bike riding etc etc. Try not to focus just on the intake (food) part, you can find yourself in an unhappy spiral here. Just eat healthy regular meals, don't cut down on meals, maximise fresh fruit and veges.

Sounds simple right? But like you said, having the control over what you do and what you put in your mouth is the hard bit!
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