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BABY WEIGHT. what works and what doesn't Rss

weight watchers, yeah we all no what not to eat but its the standing on the scales that works for me. Before i had my son i lost 18kg on weightwatchers. I put on 20kg through my pregnancy, lost 13 straight way. kept the rest on for six months tried to do weights watchers without the going to classes and getting weighed and it didnt work. Now i have lost the last 7kg in the last two months by going back to weight watchers. I really recommended it. Plus you can still eat food, not like these shake diets.

I want to try weight watchers but I am planning to have another baby in 2-3 months and dont want to stay on the contract. I'm gonna go get a leg magic too hope that works

Hi there, I also have the Carmen Electra DVDs and I never do the strip routines, they are pretty crap exercise but I do the 30 minute total body workout on DVD 2 every day and believe me, if you watch what you eat and do this plus some extra walking, you will not only tone up and lose weight but you'll also be doing it in a healthy way and not depriving your body of vitamins and nutrients. It's fine to do Tony Fergusson and detoxes and stuff but you really want to improve your lifestyle rather than go for a quick fix (especially if you're looking to get pregnant again soon, you want your body to be as healthy as possible).


hi, it took me a long time to lose my baby weight from first baby, it took about 12 months to slowly lose the weight and i finally lost all the weight i wanted, after just walking, progressing to jogging, most days and then eating sensibly. NO DIETS. i ahve a friend who lost weight at weight watchers and two years later slowly gained weight again.

I just think healthy eating and exercise are all you need, the slower the weight loss, the more likely it is to stay off for good.

The big thing of course is will power, but once good habits are formed i think it is then part of life!!!

My weakness is chocolate and biscuits at the moment. Currently with my second baby, he is 5 months, I have only lost about 7 kilos since he was born, 3 of those maybe because of eating well and some exercise, the rest just came any way. I still have at least 7 to go, and am hoping that with time and lots more exercise it will go too.

Being active with the whole family at weekends also good, Bike rides, walks, frisbie sessions, footy, swimming.

I get hungry of evening and that is the hardest part of day for me, i tend to snack on sugary stuff. I am breast feeding and find that if i eat dinner at 5.30 then i hungry at 9, so i might have some toast and warm milo. ???

What ever way we lose weight, it always hard work. Good luck to all.

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hello all,

I am doing the Tony Fergison program. I am a size 18 and im slowly losing the weight. I think the program is excellent, im one of those that doesnt lose weight easily and hate dieting etc. I find that the shakes are delicious, and its healthy, balanced eating that works. I dont do a lot of exercise, (although im trying to at least walk 2-3 times a week) so the low carb approach is perfect for me. Theres no quick fix, you need to get to the point of being sick of being overweight etc before you'll commit yourself to something like it. Its very difficult losing weight if only it was as easy as putting it on!!!!!
Hi there, Ive been doing Tony Ferguson too. I want to lose about another 6-7kgs after bub. She is 10 weeks old, Ive lost 20kgs already combination of healthy eating then starting TF. Ive been getting a very sick stomach last week os so not sure if its the diet so ive given it a break for a few days & am hoping to start back up tomorrow after ive seen my Dr bout it cause the TF ladies at the pharmacy said it could be one of the ingrediants reacting badly with me? Hope not cause i love it! I make chocolate or toffee frappes by blending a heap of ice & adding shake mix yum!!!

Kristin l- im looking for a TF buddy if your interested in some support ...
Im actually just eating better. Im also having 1 x Optifast shake for lunch everyday. Im hoping to lose about 1kg a week. I have also started doing yoga at home, i love it. Im wanting to lose 15kg by may.

Windsor Pilate's, worked wonders for 20 minutes in the morning when DD had a nap.

And following the "half, quarter, quarter" eating plan. Simply means, half plate should be salad/vegies, quarter should be lean meat/fish and the other quarter should be potatoes/rice/pasta. Use a smaller plate size too.

I went from 75kg to 57kg in about 3 months.
OMG i wanted to get order winsor pilates dvds but they are out of stock. I tried leg magic and it full hurt my leg i couldnt sleep cos everything i move it hurts.

I have a tony ferguson weight loss center in my area i probably go check it out tomorrow. Every time im trying to watch what to eat they start ordering pizzas for dinner. and going movies eating popcorn and slurpee.

I lose it and gain it. Im getting so frustrated.

It sounds like you need someone to do this stuff with! To keep you focused! Either a personal trainer (I know they are expensive, but then so is joining a gym and paying for diet shakes etc) or a really, really supportive friend or relative. Personal trainers will come to you, meet at a local park and put you through your paces.

Motivation is the key. Stay motivated, and not tempted and you will stay on it. Nothing works in a week, or after 3 or 4 goes. it does take time. Also, the quicker you lose it, the quicker you will put it back on. You should aim for a healthy 1kg a week. If you are losing 3kg a week, it is probably mainly water, not fat. Also, if you are toning and building muscle, which you will do if you exercise and using special equipment, muscle will add to your weight, not decrease your weight. You also want muscle so you can cope with the pregnancy easier, especially if you already have a little one...having to pick them up etc with one in the tum!

Also if you lose too much too quick, and manage to keep it off, you may find that you have a lot of loose skin which sometimes means you have to have surgery to get rid of. The skin has elasticity, but only so much so going from quite big to losing 20kg in a few months, it just gets saggy! Age decreases your elasticity as well, so if you are over 30 losing that kind of weight, you will have a higher chance of having left over skin. Look at what Adro had on the biggest loser. He had to go do those subway commercials to pay for the operation to get rid of the excess skin.

Exercises that are specifically for legs or arms, will not help you lose fat off of those areas. They only help you tone the muscles. If there is fat on top of the muscles, you wont notice it, and you wont notice it on the scales either. The only way to lose fat through exercising is through cardio.

Swim, run, fast walk, cycle, aerobics classes...anything that gets your heart pumping. If you are used to doing nothing, then just walking around the block is going to help. Walk at a pace where you can still talk, but you are starting to puff. Start off with a ten minute walk each day. Build it up to 20 minutes by the end of 2 weeks, so on. Or try to walk the block in a quicker time then the day before, so it is really hard to walk and talk at the same time. Then after 2 or 3 weeks (depending on your current weight and fitness) try to add a jog into it. Doesn't have to be in between power poles is enough. Build it up gradually, but build it up. Your body needs to know it is getting pushed!

Don't expect to lose the weight after 2 days of walking. It aint going to happen! That is why it is good to get someone to keep you going. And if someone is waiting for you, you are more likely to do it too!
Dogs are also good for this. If you have a dog that always runs to the door everytime you pick up a pair of shoes, you feel terrible not taking it for a walk. But dont go out and buy a dog if you are likely to give up on it quickly.

Sorry if this sounds like a lecture, but it just seems like you are looking for a quick fix. It isn't going to happen. And giving up and trying the new fad, isn't going to work. I wouldn't be spending money on equipment or diet shakes. Spend it on a good pair of shoes, a good sports bra (even for walking if you are large busted like me) and a personal trainer once a week. You may find that a trainer will also be able to give you help during your pregnancy so you can maintain your weight increase, if you aren't too sick of course! They will also help you with nutrition...the right carbs for the amount of activity you do. Fruit and vege, carbs at the right time of day and the right amount and protein will help you lose dont need to pay extra for a shake!

Enough of the lecture!!! Good luck and stick to something!!!
I just think healthy eating and exercise are all you need, the slower the weight loss, the more likely it is to stay off for good.

I agree with khwright, that was my approach - although right away i didn't really follow a healthy eating plan and like you i still crave sugary foods in the evening, will often have biscuits with a cup of sweet tea or milo!! But I've done lots and lots of walking - will take ds out in his buggy which he really enjoys too. Healthy eating plus exercise (slow and gradual) is the way to go.

A part of my Chinese New Year's Resolution. (Chinese because I missed out on sticking to it already). I am commiting to:

- No chocolate, No Soft Drinks, No junk food, No alochol -

You know I am so amazed at how displine I was when I was pregnant, I was so strict with what I ate. Now I find it hard to stop myself from having all the foods I avoided during pregnancy.

Anyway, I believe if you can stick to avoiding the above and just have healthy food, you'll be losing kilos.

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