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Hi my name is Tarryn iam 21 and iam a first time mum to a 12 week old boy named Kai as none of my friends have babies i was looking for some chat buddies anyone interested please leave u msn address!!! hope to chat soon


I'm 18 and I have an 8 week olld girl, Sophie. I'm on msn quite a bit. Add me
Talk soon!

Mum to Sophie 11/08/2005 and Lachlan 21/11/2006

hi my names shelley and i'm 25 and first time mum to a six month old boy called seth

my email is
if you wanna talk
Hi my name is sarah im 20 first time mum to 7 month old boy also named Kai, would love to chat

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

Hi Tarryn.
im Michelle or Shelly i live in springvale nth,im 24 yrs old. ( can you believe i forgot how old i was? DER!) with 4 month old twins, i think i have introduced myself before, but my memory is shot to pieces.
How are you coping with being a mum, i find it quite hard at times, i cant wait until they are older, i am on maternity leave from childcare, i worked with 2 year old kids for 6 years so i think things will be alot easier for me when they get to that agem i might at least have a little bit of an idea what the hell im doing lol.
Hope to chat soon. oh im at;

Im not online alot but would be good to chat when i do get a little bit of time.

Mum to Taniesha & Braydon born on the 8th June 05

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