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Pelvic floor Lock Rss

Hi anyone and everyone.

Don't seem to know where to put this topic.

I am doing my exercises but seem to be giving myself the piles I didn't have during pregnancy. I know I should see my GP but I keep putting it off.

Has anyone tried any of the devices for pelvic flor execises. I have looked at the sites that sell over the net but am a little cynical about the testimonials.

I would appreciate any advice even if second or third hand info. Referrals to site or medical or alternate therapy would be lovely.

I wish I knew before kids that belly dancing would help. However I would have been too shy to try. I just don't seem to have that much modesty left and feel too loved to give a damn about looking silly.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

Hi there,

Have you tried using one of those exercise balls? They are great for doing your pelvic floors on and are comfy too! I use one and find just sitting on one works them without needing to think about doing them.

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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