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family planning?? Lock Rss

Hi guyz...

It's been 4.5 mths since i've had my baby, but I still don't feel up to it. I'm not sure if we're able to talk about stuff like this here, but my hubby doesn't want to use a condom whereas I do.

I heard that this method of contraception is the safest with the least side effects.

I think he's thinking that it won't be as good using it. Is that true? we've never actually used one before so we don't know.

Also, i'm too scared to try it again seeing how everyone is saying that it hurts after having the baby. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
My hubby was the same. We bought condoms but in the first two months only used one! He reckons it takes away the sensation but I reckon that's bull! I was b/f at the time so was on the pill but had a script for the mini pill. With that you have to took it at the same time each day for it to work. A friend of mine got pregnant again when she was on it and that scared me. I thought with a new bub I won't remember that well so spoke to my GP who told me about the implanon. It a little bar they put in your arm that releases stuff and as a contraception is about 98% safe. It last for 3 years but can be taken out at any time if you want another child sooner. It cost about $30 and that's it. It works out a lot cheaper and is safe to have when b/fing. Hubby and I started again 4 weeks post birth (not that we "did it" that often then because it didn't hurt so much but it was just a case of me relaxing) making sure I was relaxed and taking it slow helped but I will admit I was a bit tender after so wasn't looking for it again for a while. Even now bub is 14 weeks and I still get a bit sore but nothing too bad and hubby stops if i want him to. One of the midwives suggested we "do it" that early if we could so when I went for my 6 week check up I could talk to the doctor if anything was feeling right down there. She (I know this is a bit personal but she said it) said to try and insert 2 finger first to check if everything felt right before going for it. Hubby was happy to assist!!heheh. It helped me so much that he was understanding and willing to stop at anytime (as long as he was going to get some soon he was happy lol!!!) Also with the implanon I don't get my period (I got mine back 6 week post birth even though I was b/f) but some women do. Hope I have help.....sorry if I got a bit too personal but I reckon that's what this web site is help other people out. Good luck and take it slow. smile
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