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Tanning over stretch marks? Lock Rss

Hello i have the worst stretch marks over my belly and thighs even a few nasty thick ones and i was wanting to know if anybody has tried to tan whether getting a spray tan or self tanning whether the stretch marks took to it ok or they went a different colour! I plan on trying to tan myself the first ime and dont want to if i go yellow or something where the stretch marks are! Any advice would be great! Thaks in advance!

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hey tmestar
i have bad news im sorry... no tanning will cover up stretch marks! i have olive skin and only got a few stretch marks on my hips and breasts with jorjah they were red but are now like a whitey colour.. my sil is the same and we have noth used self tanning lotions and they just stayed the same white colour.. my girlfriend who is fair has really bad ones and they are redy purpke and when she had a spray tan they stayed the same too,,, so i dont think they will go yellow or orange but.. they wont get covered either,, good luck

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I think tanning makes them stand out more because the stretch marks stay white while the rest of your skin goes darker. I've got heaps of stretch marks too - I'll never wear a bikini again, not that I'm in any shape to at the moment anyway. But like Rebecca said - they're our "battle scars" smile .
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