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Problems with c- cections? Lock Rss

Hello ladies,

Just wondering if any of you had problmes with your c-sections?. The RBWH bogged me up and I am interested to see if anyone else had problems?

Basically, where they bogged me up was that when I went into surgery, the surgeon nipped me somwehere where she wasn't suppose to and blood just went squirting everywhere. I lost a lot of blood - enough for them for me to have a blood transfusion. Basically your blood count is suppose to be roughly 120 and I was down to 81!!! At 80 they do a blood transfusion. I refused to have one so they pumped me up wiht lots of vitamins and other stuff I can't remember. that was problem one. Problem two, on day 3, I could still not get out of bed (well I could but it would take me about 10 min to get out and I could only go as far as the toilet/shower. By the end of day 3 I had the night nurse tell me that I should be walking normal by now and doing everything myself + not be on so much pain medication either. I got out at day 5. Because they were so busy, they had no one to take the wire/fishing line out (I had the beading effect) so I had to go back in the next day to have it taken out. The next day I went in and when the midwife called me and so me walking towards her, she said "are you ok?" I said no I am not, I am in a lot of pain. She said that that is not normal at day 6 and that she will have a look. I don't think she could have been any whiter when she saw the damage the surgeon had done. The holes where the boppy pins go in where way to big for the boppy pins so basically the boppy pins were not secure and moving around/digging into me + the wire/line was pulled way to tight. Because of this, I had blood clots growing around the boppy pins/muscle. It took 5 weeks before I could walk normal after my operation. I am still swollen around my scar. Scar is approx 15 cm long and 3 ml thick - not normal at all! All my friends and family have been telling me that I should have sued but it is not in my nature to do so and I am just going to have to put up with the extra long/thick scar. Tahlia is almost 5 months old and I am still a little swollen around the scar.

I would love to hear if anyone else has had any problems like this or was I just very unlucky?


My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

What is a RBWH? Sorry if that seems ignourant, I just can't work it out. Also what are 'boppy pins'? I had one big stitch no staples or pins as alergic to metal.

You would have been totally exhausted after loosing so much blood. What a horrible experience. How can they make mistakes like that.

So will you have any further complications say with next pregnancy or is it all good now?

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i dont think that the bogged my c section but i did loose alot of blood my blood count was 80 although i didnt have a transfusion, i couldnt get out of bed until day 3 and even then i had to beg them to let me out i wanted a shower and believe it or not i acctually wanted to change my babies nappy myself instead of having someone do it for me (i wouldnt say that anymore), i had a cathetha in for 3 days so i didnt need to get up for the toilet, when i did get up it wasnt for long and i had to have 2 nurses in the bathroom with me showering and i had to sit on a chair. i was just thankful that my partner stayed in the hospital with me the whole time so i didnt have to call the nurses everytime i wanted something or when my son needed something. sorry to hear about your c section i had all internal dissolvabe stitching and now 8 months later you can hardly see the scar altough i still do have numb spots above my scar

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

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