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Mastitis with a 7 month old... Lock Rss

Last week I noticed one of my breasts were hard and lumpy, it was late afternoon so I thought Ella would empty it at dinner time, but she wouldn't even latch onto it.

I tried expressing, but no milk would come out. Over night she woke a couple of time and had little feeds of both sides - but the breast stayed hard and lumpy. So in the morning I went to the doctor, he gave me antibiotics which cleared it up.

He said that it was good I went early and that a lot of people wait till it until they get Mastitis before going to the doctor.

I guess I'm posting this coz Mastitis is something you associate with the early weeks of having a baby. Has anyone else got stories of this kind of thing??

Whilst I was breastfeeding my kids I would regularly have a day when a spot on my breast would be red and extremely tender. For that day I would feel achy and headachy and generally out of sorts. The next day I would feel better but my breast would be tender for about 3 days. When I say I got this regularly I mean probably once every couple of weeks for the first 3 months and then maybe every couple of months after that. This happened right up until I stopped BF at 9mths and 7 1/2mths. I never went to the doctor about it...just used to massage it lots during the day but I think if I have a third and it happens again I'll go to the drs because it's really painful and awful. I don't know why it happened because my kids were always good, regular, long feeders and I did all the recommended things to avoid mastitis.
Over the holidays.. I did actually have a red patch and I was very tender for 2 days after that... I put it down to the fact that I had started Ella on solids and wasn't drinking as much. It was so painful while she was feeding!! I never went to the doctors that time, just did the whole massage thing too and it cleared up.

i have had late onset mastistis (6-7 months)with my first two babies, and both times it happeneded after I started playing sport again , ie too much bouncing up and down with big milky boobs!
I always felt it was cos the nipple got a bit damaged from the bra, and infection got in,
But maybe it was to do with the bubs starting solids at 6months, and the milk flow going down a bit. Who knows?

I had mastitis a few times with #3 when she was 10days old, but hoping to avoid the late onset mastits. She is 3 months now and doing well.

3 girls under 3

hi, I've had it quite a few times all the way up until recently. Similar remedy worked for me. Making sure the breast gets drained first, though I am lucky I have 2 babies so it gets fed off every time. I make sure I have hot showers and massage and it usually clears up by the next day. It's just horrible to feel like crap for a day, very achy and lethargic. I got told to eat lots of garlic, so I have been adding garlic salt to my cooking - it actually helps and I get it way less. I never got it with #1. I haven't been wearing a bra to bed now either which helps, it just sucks to sometimes wake up wet with milk. Grrrrr.

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