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So run down.... Lock Rss

Hey there...Im having one of those wks, & so far doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Family prob's, baby prob's...& all I wanna do is cry but I won't. My hubby thinks I take everything to heart..(well where else is it spose to go) he thinks I'm 'supermum' & with the click of my fingers everything will be done by the time he gets home from wrk.

My son is 6mths now & going thru some major changes, which seems to be only affecting me & him..he catnaps during the day, won't feed off me - Im b/f, forever crying and the only way to put him to sleep is in his pram, hes with me 24/7, where ever I go around the house he has to come with me otherwise I wait for it - 5mins later hes crying... He is teething on & off...but not feeding off me is really tearing me up inside, cause he won't take anything else.

And to top it all off...we live with my parents & my sister...who I love dearly but right at this very minute, feel very alone...and today is just one of those days, where I wanna cry so much cause nothing seems to be working out. Not sure what to do..shall I go see a dr, talk to my parents, talk to my hubby...I find it very hard to talk to him at the moment, cause he seems to think Im either nagging at him or he thinks he can't do anything right...I have tried once to tell him - that I have good days & bad days but he never seems to really listen. I think deep down, my parents would prefer to stay out of it...I just need to talk to someone, but who??? It gets pretty lonely everyday with just me & I the only one feeling like this or are there any similar situations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Shez, QLD

You poor bugger. My gosh you do have it hard at the moment. You are by no means the only one, if that makes a difference. Its funny that being a mum can be so fulfilling in one hand, but so lonely in the other.

Are you in any play group or parenting group? I have found it nice to chat with other mums as they are usually or have been through similar stages. Even if there is one mum you like a bit more, maybe you could catch up one on one - go for a walk together or some-thing.

A good 'debriefing' would make you feel a little better, get it all off your chest. Its only one suggestion I am sure plenty of mums will reply to this and give you some more.

Keep your chin up and keep in touch. This site is brilliant for providing some support and a few giggles, just when you need it the most.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hey - you are not alone - sorry to hear you are feeling down, if it helps I had one of those weeks last week (still up and down this week too). It is sooo hard some days isnt it? I was talking to a friend who als has a baby and she agreed with me (and you) that some days are very lonely - it is hard to describe but you do feel alone and that noone really understands what you are feeling.

I think when we are sleep deprived it is worse, being tired makes it so much harder to cope with a bad day...I also have a 5yr old who is going thru some behavioural stuff (just started school and emotions are running overboard!!!) - I feel very strung out with her at the moment.

I find that if I ring a friend or go out I tend to feel a bit better (even just to the shops or for a walk).
I have also rung the CYH helpline in tears and just letting it all out seems to have a cathartic effect - just let it all go!! They had some tips but basically it was someone impartial to listen.

Even tho the partner/hubby tries to be supportive (is helpful) I also find that he doesnt always 'get it'...they get tired too and then things go pear tough!!

Hope your week improves, anytime you want a chat am checking in most days, take care...

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

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