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Does this sound like a thyroid problem? Lock Rss


Since the birth of my DD in April 05, I have always felt tired, hot, problems with my periods and low immune system. I work casually and also have a DS, aged 2 years and 8 months. I was on AD's for PND since DS was born and am still on them.

I visited a chiropractor, back/pelvis problems and she suggested I visit a naturopath to see about my thryroid.

Has anyone had thryoid problems since giving birth? Still tossing up whether to visit the GP (wait at least 6 weeks for an appointment) or a naturopath.

Love to hear from anyone with the same symptoms.
Thank you.
I have had hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) for about 10 years. I possibly got it young because my mother has it and my great aunt has it also. If you have it the only treatment is taking tablets that replace the thyroxine you are not producing. I watched a program on ABC the other night that is about alternative therapies and they were talking about this subject. The naturopath said she could ease some of the symptoms but couldnt treat the hypothyroidism (as you need the prescribed tablets).

I think the first thing before going to a naturopath for help is to get properly diagnosed. All that is needed to confirm whether you have it or not is a simple blood test even if you just asked your Dr if you can get a form from him and have the test done prior to the 6 weeks appointment, so when you go he has the results (that way if it is very low they will know as soon as the results arrive and I'll bet they bring your appointment forward if thats the case - As you can see Im not new to this game LOL). Its only once it is diagnosed that they do other tests to find out why etc. (eg. ultrasound to look for nodes in the thyroid, other scans if they find nodes to see what they are and perhaps a biopsy on any nodes they find - that is yuk believe me but all the others are OK).

Im sure you will find a website with all the symptoms but mine were: a major decrease in energy (I could sleep from Friday PM when I got home from work until Monday AM to get ready for work no problem at all), I was really lacklustre to the point of having to work myself up to getting up to go to the loo etc (which was weird for me as I was extremely fit at the time riding, teaching and competing in Dressage), slurred speach, depression, dry skin, nails breaking etc and weight gain.

You may just have a vitamen B12 or iron deficiency which can be tested for at the same time but if you dont then taking oroxine each day is no big deal and that is all you have to do.

Hope this helps,

Kara, NSW

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