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emotions?? Lock Rss

In a few days it will be 1 year since the day i found out i was having a baby after 2 years of trying, i now have a 4 month old son who i adore and iam so happy being his mum but i have been feeling like i want another baby, I had not planned to have one untill kai is 2, and i know iam not ready for another one yet but i cant make these feelings go away
Has anyone one else felt like this if so i would love to hear from you!


Yes it is very common to feel clucky again especially though when they are around 12 or so months old, if you decide to not have one yet, you may feel different as your baby gets older, it's very commont o want another baby, but a lot of people change their mind and decide to wait when their baby is a toddler, it's totally different.
I am very clucky at the moment, my son is 14 months old, but i'm glad i didn't have one before now, now that Mitch is running around everywhere!
If you decide to have one now, i so know where you are coming from and the fact that you had probs conceiving i understand, i have similar probs, but lets just say i'm glad i have waited and we don't plan on trying for another one yet for a couple of months, i have a few things going on with me!
My sister said she was the same and most of her friends were too!
i probably haven't helped you at all, but just know that it's very common and you aren't alone!
Good luck whatever you decide!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

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