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pregnant again, Lock Rss

hi guys, i dont know if im happy or sad to be pregnant, my son is only 7months old its so early and we were not planning another till izacc was 2 now its came early im very nervous,

i dont know how i feel towards everything, isany one esle in thesame boat, or any advise or to chat

msn, [email protected] same email
hey jackie,

Im not in the same boat as u but think about it like this how much do u love ur son, more than anything in this world u will love this baby just as much and just think u will have double the fun and enjoyment out of them both. Think of it as a blessing if it wasnt meant to be it wouldnt have happened! Yes u did want to wait 2 years but its happened now so try to enjoy it, congratulations , if u want to chat my email is [email protected]

My little boy is 5 months n I've just recently discovered that I may be pregnant again (I'm on holidays n want to confirm with the doc when I get home). Initially I cried because I really don't think I can cope with another. I was mostly upset because I don't want Zayn to be disadvantaged when the new bub comes along.

I still don't know what to do. I'm excited at the thought of possibly having a girl this time. But I really don't think I'm going to handle 2 babies.

YOu're not alone smile

- Samira

Samira ~ 23/Sydney. Mom to Zayn born 26th July

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