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2 under 2 Lock Rss

ive noticed a few mums out there have 2 under two and would love to start a forum regading this, it poses so many different challenges that only we can understand, i have a 6 month and 20 month old and my husbands a shift worker, there's nothing like trying to put one to bed with the other one at you feet not quite understanding what your doing and wanting to play.
would love to share with some other mums

bella, 03/03/04, baby 2 due 07/05/05

Hi there

I have two under two as well as a 4 year old. I have an almost 17 month old and a 5 month old.

I find the hardest time to be after getting home from work and having to organise dinner. That is usually at the same time as my youngest also wants to be fed and put to bed.

The bedtime thing is not too much of a problem because my son goes to bed usually around six and then the 17 month old goes at 7-7:30 and my 4 year old at eight.

my husband is currently interstate with the army so i understand the doing it alone thing.

Would love to chat.

see ya sheryl

Adam(07/09/01), Holly(08/07/04) & Matthew(230605)

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