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Anyone got experience with Pressure Sores? Lock Rss

Its a bit complicated, but when I had my c-section I had the epi a long time before and after the surgery, and during the whole time I sat in the same position. When I was finally able to move myself I noticed how sore one of my butt cheeks was, and I recall mentioning it to one of the nurses - she didnt know what it was. Unknowingly I got my other half to massage the area, but I've since read that is a no no with pressure sores.

I was on antibiotics for 2 weeks after I came home because it was infected. In that time it healed up heaps.

But now its been 4 1/2 months since he was born and I still have a hard lump in my buttock, it aches something terrible, I cannot sit directly on the area (if I run over it when I try to lie down in the bath I am in agony) and its just getting me down. I compensate by leaning forward when I must sit (on my thighs) or sitting lop sided on the good side.

Should this have healed up and gone by now? Should I see someone else about this? There was never any outside signs, its all internal, in the tissue. Its a definate hard lump. Ideas please????

Rachel & baby Toby, born 11/07/05, Sydney

Ouch! That sounds really nasty! I can't believe that the nurse in the hospital didn't pick up on it!! She should have known what to look out for with pressure sores!!

I'd highly recommend you go back to the doctor or to your GP and get the sore checked out as 4 1/2 months seems like a long time. If it is still so painful then there must still be a problem. Did the doctor check it after you finished your antibiotics? I don't recall much of my training on pressure sores and pressure management but I do recall that they can be very serious if not treated properly.

Also, have you tried any pressure relieving cushions to make sitting more comfortable? The doctor should be able to give you some idea of what to try otherwise a physio might be able to help. Depending on where the sore is, it might also be helpful to make sure there is no pressure on it at night (though I guess you'd know if there was as it would probably hurt so that's probably not an issue for you).

Hope the doctor can clear it up for you quickly. Best wishes.

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