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Pregnancy & Friends Reactions Lock Rss

We have just found out that we are pregnant with number 2 and we are both really excited. I am sure our daughter is as well who is all of 7 months (ha, ha)!

A concern that we have is that two of our closest sets of friends have been trying to have a baby for close to 15 months now with no success. One set is close to going on injections which is before IVF.

It appears that when my husband and I decide to have a baby I fall rather quickly and we are not sure how they are going to take this news.

As close as they are I know they will be happy for us all, but we also feel they will be upset as well given what they are going through. I am only 5 weeks pregnant anyway so we could hold off. But then we know they will be upset that we didn't tell them.

We feel as though we are in a catch 22 situation!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so, how did you approach it with them. Any thoughts or 'pearls of wisdom' would be appreciated.

Natalie, NSW, DD 05/05, DD 08/06, DD 09/07 #4 Due


my story- My sister was trying to fall pregnant for months unsuccessfully then in july had a huge bleed & found out she had ovarian cysts, so she had surgery & had recovery time.
in the mean time i fell pregnant (planned) in august & the family was all happy and she fell pregnant in november. I now have a gorgeous boy & she has a beautiful girl.
It wasnt an issue for us, i hope it all goes well with your friends.
i think most people in difficult situations tend to accept fate, but stay optimistic so im sure they will be happy for you.
Good luck. Fi
Congratulations too - how exciting !!!

I think your friends will naturally be a little jelous, but also be very happy for you. Maybe when you tell them you can be upfront in that you feel a little sad for them having so much trouble conceiving when you don't. I think this will break the ice a little in showing them that you care about them and considering their situation / feelings. I think they will quicky reassure you and any uncomforatable feelings will go away (for both of you).

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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