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Anyone feel exhausted all the time? Lock Rss

Hi Mums

I feel exhausted constantly and have done for the last few months. I am tired alot and feel generally lethargic - I barely have enough energy to play with my daughters and maintain the house. I find it makes me grumpy a lot and I am often very short with my two year old who is going through a bit of a rough stage. I know it is wrong and I am trying really hard to have more tolerance but it is just so hard when I feel this way.

Does anyone know if this is normal? I am considering seeing my gp to try and get to the bottom of this. We want to have another baby soon so I would like to be in optimum health. My two year old and nearly 9 month old need a happy and energetic mummy.


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I only have the one baby who has slept 10 hours a night from about 6 weeks and does 12 hours often. Bummer is she wakes at 5(ish)am and that's the day started. I have never been a morning person and have always needed more sleep than most. Now I get mild headaches alot and am yawning all day and feel achy all over alot. I just figured it was part of being a breastfeeding Mum and I have to put up with it. sad
I don't know how to help you because I feel tired all the time too and I only have one. I too would like more children but don't know how I'd go with less sleep than I am getting and I am getting a lot compared to most Mums.
I sympathise. smile
I suggest that you do go and see your GP and get some blood tests done as being tired all the time is a sign of low iron levels (and being a mum too!) I 've been anemic since I was a teenager and no matter how much red meat and green vegies I eat I still have to take an iron supplement to get me through. Also if your b/fing bubs takes as much as they can too so seeing a GP, they will give you the right supplement to take. But the thing I live for is at least one morning a week DH lets me sleep in. Even if I just lay there for an extra hour (coz I can't sleep coz I can hear bub) it makes the day so much better knowing he can do it if I want to do something by myself (one day I will LOL!!!!!) smile
Hi Kristi

Our kids are the same ages and dont worry i feel the same. Think its just trying to fit everything into 24 hours and still find time to play with the kids its just not always possible.

Dont know if this helps



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Hi Kristi, sorry to hear that you are so tired. I also have suffered with been very tired since the birth of my son who is now 7 1/2 months old. My son is very active, usually only sleeps for about 1-2 hours through the day, so I don't get much rest. I also went through a stage where I would sometimes get very frustrated with little things that normally wouldn't bother me. I decided to go to my GP and found out that I had very low iron. I was put on 2 months supply of iron tablets and feel 100% better. You may want to get your iron checked as well.

Good luck with everything!
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