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After a forcep delivery Lock Rss

Kai's birth was assited by forceps after 18 and a half hours of labour and it took me a long time to recover but even now after nearly 5 months sometimes i still feel a lil bit uncomfortble down there and was just wondering if any1 else had this even with a normal delivery??


hello. my baby is 14 weeks old and for the last 2days it has been a bit tender down there. smetimes i don't feel anything. to tell u honestly until now i'm still scared to have sex with my husbAnd because of the pain. i don't even want to touch it. my friend who had pisiotomy toldme that it will take time to really heal and that tenderness that i feel will come and go. i think it's all in my head. my gyno said its all psychological, as we all know mind plays a big trick on us.

Migzy & AJ''s mum

I did not have forceps's i had vacuum after 20 long hrs & 2 hrs pushing they cut me & assisted her out!
I had a 5kg baby so i was very tender & also had many many stitches.
I was very uncomfortable felt like everything was going to fall out(mind my description)& it also felt like it was pulling down there,I to felt to scared to allow my husband to come near me for a long time.

Sorry i do realise that your question was asking if anyone felt this with a normal delivery,but i thought it may help a little to read that this feeling is common with an assisted birth.

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