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scar tissue after small tear during childbirth? Lock Rss

I had a tear while having Brooke and was stitched up, for a while I felt as though I was gonna tear again during bowel movements and sex.

It's gotten better and now during sex it stings at the entrance. I went to the doctor who said it's scar tissue and the best to do is use lubricant during intercourse, well that didn't change anything.

Does anyone else have this problem, my daughters 7 months now and I feel like i should be able to have sex perfectly fine by now.
My daugher is 7 1/2 months and I have the same problem, it is a little more painful in certain positions and is worse if I'm not really in the mood if you get my drift.. I had 3 stitches, not sure if that's small or not and then had complications with retained placenta so had to be stitched up again 2 weeks later after a curette. I also felt like I was going to tear for some time afterwards.

I don't think lubricant will do much, it's pulling at the scar tissue that's the problem, that area is just not as supple as it used to be.

If ayone has any other cures I'd like to hear about them as well....
Same with me too. my pain is about a centremetre in and aside from sex even tampons can be agony. the pain feels like a cutting pain. is this the same for the rest of you?

kiwi, 12/10/05

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