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Does anyone weigh less then before? Lock Rss

Hi mums,
Only a few days ago I weighed myself for the first time after having my DS and was shocked to discover I weigh 3.5kg less then before I was pregnant! Just wondering if there are many Mums out there who've had this happen.

Hey Melissa. I am the same, weigh around 4kgs less than I did before falling pregnant and that is after putting on a kg this month tongue The Dr asked me to stop b/f at 6 month check-up because I had lost so much weight (got down to 50kgs) but I wasn't prepared to and my weight was steady, had not dropped since initially losing it so I chose to continue b/f DS till he was almost 8 months and maintained the weight. Unfortunately I felt so run down while b/f that was the reason I gave up but I haven't looked back, I have a lot more energy and it makes me and DS much happier now that I can do a lot more with him smile

We are TTC #2 so it will be interesting to see if I can lose the baby weight with this one too...

Hi, thanks for your reply! I've always been small but was so shocked to read that I am just 49.5kg now! I haven't breastfed since the beginning so maybe it's just in the genes lol.
I wonder how I'll go with the next bubs too, I'm glad you're feeling better smile

Yep! I lost 10k. Then everyone bought bun to our house for the next 3 months and I put it back on again!!
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