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Wanting to get Pregnant again Lock Rss


Has anyone else just ahd their 1st baby and already want a 2nd? My little girl is 16 weeks old and I am already planning when we can start trying for another. I would love to pregnant again now but we are going to wait until our bub is at least 15 months before we have another.
I've already worked out the month we can start trying and when it will be due and how old Kyla will be then. And I am already looking forward to it heaps!
Its funny though because Kyla is a non-sleeping baby and we are always up and down with her and tired but despite this I still desperate for another.

Anyone else like this? Especially anyone who wants another but really wants to wait until bubs is older?
You sound similar to me. I too can't wait until I fall pregnant again but I want to wait until Jeb is around 18 months or so just so he understands what's going on and I can devote as much time into him growing up and not missing anything. I don't want to much of an age gap...around 2 years sounds good. My brother was 6 years older than me and I didn't really like it that much as we didn't really "play" coz of the age difference. So hopefully around this time next year I'll be up the duff again!!!
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