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Coldsore Lock Rss

hi just wondering what you can use on a coldsore whilst still breastfeeding. Is the Zovirax cream ok, if not need other suggestions. Thanks.

The best thing I have found for coldsores is Carmex ointment. It is like a medicated lipbalm you can get from the pharmacy and it's main ingredient is camphor and menthol so no harm to the baby. I have suffered with cold sores my whole life and couldn't live without my Carmex lol. It is my general lipbalm also which prevents the onset of the sores smile

Hope that helps!

(I'm not sure if you can take them while breastfeeding but I also take Lysine tablets to eliminate the sores, maybe ask the chemist?)

paw paw ointment is great!!

When you feel them coming on take some lysine tablets they are fantastic Just from supermarket black mores brand. It will help with the severity and heal quicker and sometimes you wont get one at all.
I've had a cold sore too - but didn't even think that I may not have been able to use something for it.... woops :-I
Anyway - I used carmex as someone else has suggested. (lucky)
I too use this as my normal lipbalm - it's the best! works well for really dry lips and preventing CS's.
carmex is a lifesaver!!
Discovered it a few years ago, not a coldsore since!
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