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Period hasn't returned yet! HELP... Lock Rss

I am a bit worried about the fact that I stopped b/f my son at 11 months (over one month ago) and am yet to get my period back. At first I was quite happy not to have one but now I'm a little concerned as soon we'll be thinking about TTC no.2....I am on a low-dose pill (have been on it for about 8 months). Has this happened to anybody else?
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you better get a pregnancy test kit just to rule that out...mine came back a few days after I stopped breastfeeding. Maybe give health direct a call or your local hospital or health nurse might be able to shed some light on what is normal or not or when to worry?

No need to panic yet, when it comes to bf and AF and a return to fertility anything is possible. LOL When I was on the mini pill after DS1 I would go months without AF, but it had come back at 8 weeks (shock, horror,gasp) and I went on the pill to control flow issues.

Have a look here for some information that might help (and has links to other info too). It takes on average of 14 months post birth for AF to come back in ebf mums.........some get theirs back when baby stops night feeding, some get it back when they drop a certain number of feeds and some just get it back randomly with no change to routine at all. I am still waiting for AF myself, Alex had dropped night feeds for 3 weeks, then the night feeds were back (still no AF), he's on 3 meals a day now and having marginally fewer feeds, but again still no AF.........and it is possible to still get pregnant while bf and AF not returning (I know of a woman on another site who is pregnant with her TENTH baby and still tandem feeding her youngest two).

So not sure if that helps, but a pregnancy test might not be amiss if you think you could already be pregnant. It's probably just the pill at work. If you are that concerned though you could go see your Dr, but if you are happy, take a wait and see approach. I think my longest time between AF's when on the mini pill was nearly 4 months!! I did heaps of tests and they all came back negative. LOL


Thanks for your replies everyone smile They were very helpful (although I have to say I gasped when I read about the woman who is expecting her 10th baby while fully bf!! Eek!

Well I haven't been on here for a while, and not long after I posted I think my AF returned (only reason I'm not sure is it was very light and only lasted a few days). Murphy's law isn't it! smile

i stopped breastfeeding my son when he turned 6 months (as i got constant bouts of mastitis). My son is now 7 months and i just got my period today to my surprise! Its a weird feeling getting it again after 9 months without it and then the 7 months on top of that! So wasnt prepared!
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