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Another Baby after a C Section Rss

I had a C Section 5 months ago with my first baby. We want to have another baby as soon as we can. I was wondering if anyone who has had a C Section was given any instructions by their Doctor in regard to how much time to wait before getting pregnant again. We are thinking about trying again when our daughter is about 9 months but are unsure if it will be a problem. Can anyone give me some advice?

Baby: Jessika

I've heard that its good to wait 12 months after a C Section before getting pregnant again. If your concerned its probably best to speak to your doctor to get the all clear first just to make sure you don't have any complications.
I've been doing some research and have another post on the subject but after a c section they don't like to induce you via the drip as it can cause the scar to rupture. Thats good news in that you won't have to go through that awful pain of the intense contractions that comes with it.

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Hi LeahL

I had a c section 10 1/2 months ago. At my 6 week check up I asked my OB how long I should wait before trying for the next one, and he told me that after 3 months the scar is as strong as it is ever going to be. We're going to start trying again next month. I have a friend who conceived 6 months after having a c section and she delivered her second baby naturally with no problems. I would suggest talking to your doctor.

All the best
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Hi LeahL

I had an emergency c section nearly 7 months ago and I was told several times in the hospital not to get pregnant for 12 months. They really tried very hard to push contraception on me!
My husband and I did not want to wait that long as we want our babies to be 18 months apart.
Anyhow I asked the clinic nurse how long to wait and she said 6 months minimum.
We also asked our family doctor and he said 6 months.
I agree with the other responses to this post that it is probably a good idea to check with your doctor first.


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Thanks for the advice everyone, I will ask the doc, I think we'll start trying again in 4 months when Jessika is 9 months old. I'm going back to work full time this week ( policewoman) and I'm already in tears, I need to get home again ASAP so hopefully we get pregnant straight away.

Baby: Jessika

well i had an em/c sect with my first and everyone told me not to get pregnant or else the scar might open and stuff like that.
but when my daughter was 4 mths old i was pregnant again and i found it great i had no problems and i even had a natural birth with my second cause i knew what had went wrong with my first.

u can have a natural birth if u know what had happend the first time and just remember ur in control.

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I hope I can have a natural birth this time like you. Thankyou for replying, sorry I took so long to get back to you but Dan(other half) and I got married recently, had our honeymoon and then I went back to work. I have three days off now so it's the first chance I've had to get back on the site.



Baby: Jessika

its ok hope every thing works out for ya and let us know anything changes.


Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

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