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Mastitis? Lock Rss

I had a couple of bouts of mastitis when my daughter was a newborn...not pleasant I tell you! I went to the Dr, got the antibiotics and everything eventually cleared up. However the past day or so I have had one sore breast and its also pretty lumpy. I have tried massaging the lumps and giving my daughter extra feeds off that breast but it hasn't really done anything. I haven't got the flu like symptoms I had when I got first got mastitis so am wondering if it could just be just blocked milk ducts and if so, do I still have to get antibiotics or will it eventually come right does anyone know?

I have a 7 month old who i breastfeed exclusively for 6 months. The only reason i had to give up was because i kept on getting mastitis. I would have had it every 2 weeks or so. I was on motilium tablets to increase my milk supply (which it sort of worked. I absolutly hated getting mastitis.

I went to the doctors once and he prescribed me antibiotics...after that, i decided to see if i could get rid of it some other way.

I was told to have a very hot shower...get into the shower and place your back against the water. Do that for around 2 minutes and then turn over and get the water on your breasts...then turn back around. The next thing you need to do is touch your toes with the water hitting your back. Stay like that for a minute or so. This is suppose to help the infection make its way through your breasts.

The day after, my mastitis was much better and after 1 day, it was all cleared up.

They say if you get it once, you may get it my case, it kept on coming back.

Its hard to feed from the infected breast as my son didnt like the taste of it.

Let me know how you go

This might help. <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>]

This one might make for an interesting read about recurrent plugged ducts/mastitis.

Christina have been most helpful! Thankfully it did clear up on its own with a couple more really good feeds. Kelly
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