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what to do during your timeout? Lock Rss

my baby is 9 months old and I have never had any time out to myself.

This week I think I will finally get the chance to go swimming, which I think will be great to help shed the 10 kilos left over from pregnancy and maybe even sit in the spa!

What things do other Mums do for their time out to relax ?

Vic, 3 y.o boy

My son is nearly 11 months old - where has the year gone?! I haven't had any time out either, but one thing I can't wait to do is go to the movies, I know they have the mums and bubs sessions but I can't wait to go with just my husband.

Have fun smile !
Hi, i go to the gym three times a week. I have only just started this recently (3 months ago) Jack (14mths) goes into the gyms creche and has a ball playing with the other kids and the different toys!

mum of 1

I play netball every Monday morning. The kids go into the creche there and have fun....and I get to do some exercise (and have fun). After the game we all hang around for a chat and a gossip!!
Some of my friends and I are into scrapbooking, so sometimes on a Friday night we'll get together at someone's house for a scrapbooking night (usually more gasbagging than anything else).
I can't even remember the last time I went to the movies, but I know it's been over a year!! Must do that soon!
What about your other half? I'm not preaching I had to force my other half to look after Jessika but sometimes I think they get it a bit easy. After enough silences he got the picture. Jessika is five months old and I have just returned to work(2nd week). It has returned my sanity and I feel useful again. When I was home, I loved being there with Jess and I miss that now, but I did nothing for me. I love being back at work, I love being home, sometimes you can start to dislike home, make sure you do something for you at least once a week, it may be with your other half without bubs or it may be just you. Get out of that house!!!!!

Baby: Jessika

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