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Help! Bleeding! Lock Rss

Hi! my baby is 15 weeks old. After the birth I bled for 12 weeks and only last week I got AF(at least i thought it was). I have been breast feeding the whole time. AF finished on saturday, so hubby and I just had some nookie time iykwim, It was a little painful so i had to get him to stop, then i went to the loo and there was blood everywhere!!!!

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might have caused this and should I be worried about it?

did you have any stitches or anything that weren't completely healed? although that is a long time for them not to have healed. i would say that 12 weeks is a long time for post partum bleeding. i would go and get checked out by your GP/OB.

I've only been bleeding for 7 and a half weeks post partum and tomorrow go into hospital for a D&C. My ob couldn't believe I was still bleeding at my 6 week check. I would be going to your ob for a checkup. Better to be safe than sorry sweet

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