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staying sane Lock Rss

Hi my name is karen and I have a 2 year old boy and an 11mth old girl (16mths between) Is there other people with similar age gaps and how do you entertain the two of them without losing your sanity as well as combining house duties and time for yourself

I have the same problem I have 2 boys one has just turned 3 and the other is 17 months and it is a real battle getting through the day while trying to get everything done and to be able to sit down and have a break and i have found that i really need to have a routine for the boys. I also found getting them involved helps too. I give my 3 year old a cloth and he goes around cleans the coffee table and then i tell him to go and clean his toys and he does it keeps him occupied now my youngest son wants to help him and your little girl have you tried putting her in a highchair with a biscuit and some toys in the room you are in whlie you are cleaning. It keeps them under control and then when i want to sit down and relax i put on a childrens movie and sit down with them while they watch it and i read a magazine.

Good luck


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