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Losing those post pregnancy kilos.. Lock Rss

Hi Everyone.

Ive read alot of posts in here about people who lack motivation and are unhappy with their weight. I too want to lose weight and am having trouble getting motivated. So i thought, if everyone who is trying to lose weight, posts about themselves and what their goal is, and then like once a week posts about how they are going, etc. maybe we could motivate each other and give each other the support we are looking for. So..

My name is Angela.
Im 20 yrs old.
I weighed 63kg when i left school, and would love to get back to that weight, but my more 'realistic' goal weight is 70kg.
Prepregnancy I weighed 77kg and was 102kg by the time i gave birth!
And now: Im 90kg! sad

To lose my weight i want to do a 30minute workout (i have one of those dvd's) at least 3 times a week. And change the way i eat. Lots more fresh fruit and veg. Less junk food, fat, and carbs!

Look forward to hearing from other mums on here.. and watching everyones success... smile

Hi Angela,
My name is Kelly
I am 24 years old
I am approx 180cm tall and weight 80kg. I want to get back down to at least 75kg but would like 70kg which was my weight before bubs. (I decided that we cannot start trying for bubs #2 until I am a maximum of 75kg and I want to try in July...I know its only 5kg but its still going to be hard)

I went up to about 85kg when pregnant but its mainly my unhealthy eating that lets me down

To lose weight I have been trying to eat healthy but it keeps failing (KFC for lunch today) and exercise more. I would love to eat more vegies and fruit but I have never been a big eater of them and do not like vegies much but I will try.
I have a yoga video but it hurts me (I have stuffes upper back/neck/shoulders). I will try do a form of exercise at least 3 times a week though!!!!

I hope this forum will help us all lose weight

P.S - I worry that doing some kinds of exercise will actually turn the fat into muscle and increase the weight and that I will not lose it from my stomach which is my main problem...any suggestions?

Good Luck smile
Hello All

I too am sick of the excessive kilo's I have gained after two babies.

I am 170cm's tall and 95 kilo's. I have never beena small person, but have never been this big either. I would love to loose about 20 kilo's and feel really unmotivated.

Before visiting this site today I started on aprogram that was developed for me a few years ago. All fresh food, 2 litres of water a day and 5 hours between meals. It really worked in the past and here's hoping it will work again.

I just need to find some will power to stick with and exercise time.

GOOD LUCk gals.

Melissa,Melbourne, Vic

Hi moms! my little DD is now 11 months old. I had terribly gained 25+ kilos during my pregnancy!! I was 52kg before i got pregnant, and 80 by the time i gave birth to Isabelle and now back to 54kg!
I have lost my kilos through acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine! That was great. even though it took me 10 months to drop all the kilos!
hey girls,
Well actually got of my butt and went for a 30 min bike ride so feeling a bit better today. Will try those lollies and Jelly. What is the diet you are on Angela?
Also where do those tablets that stop sugar cravings come from and are they safe while b/f?
I had trouble buying bras that were pretty before but now there is no hope. Why do most maternity bras come only in beige? except Berli that is...

hi all, my name is rebecca and i am another mum of a georgous 10 month old boy who is trying to get into shape! note i didn't say 'back' into shape! i wasn't really there to start with but hey you have to start somewhere!
just reading your posts is great motivation knowing that there are other mums going through exactly the same thing!
i have started doing pilates everyday (40mins today!) and have found that my bub loves me being on the floor with me, he crawls over me and together we have fun! doesn't seem like a workout when you are having fun. anyway i am going to keep this up and eat healthy and see where it gets me. good luck to everyone!

Rebecca, Kai & Sarah

I've struggled with my weight (up to 82kgs on a small frame) all my adult life. I weighed 78kgs before I got pregnant 15 months ago. My pregnancy weight went over 90kgs and I was a pretty puffed up looking specimen after my DS was born.
Then I read a book called The RealAge Diet and I took a serious look at my diet. It had been good during my pregnancy, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to make the reccomended changes. I lost all my baby weight and 7 months after my son's birth I'm 6 kilos lighter than before I got pregnant!
The website is amazing, do the questionnaire to see how old your body really is. Once you realise that the food you're eating is damaging and aging you, as well as making you heavy, you look at your health in a totally new light. It's really motivating.
My goal is to get under 70kgs by mine and my son's birthdays in September.
As far as exercise, pushing a stroller is a no-brainer, I started by just going to the shops and back, then added in a few extra streets every month. Now I walk for 45mins - 1 hour almost every day. I feel terrific and it helps to fill up the baby's program! Not sure what I'll do with wintry weather closing in on us, maybe hit the swimming pool. Any ideas?
I forgot the best part! I eat EVERY 3 HOURS! and I'm allowed CHOCOLATE. Really - check it out
Hi Everyone

I am 25 and had my first bub 5 1/2 months ago.

Before I fell pregnant I had just lost 10kg bringing me to around 80kg. I didnt put only anything in my first trimester. I put on alot during the middle of my pregnancy and in the 3rd trimester I put on heaps due to pre-eclampsia, mainly fluid.

After she was born I lost 10kg but I am hovering round 100kg and I really need to get down to 70-70kg before I think of having another one.

I have set my goal on 2 years to lose it all.

I find that I am just tired all the time and if im not I want to sit and cuddle her and not go out to excersise.

I need motivation to get up and get off the couch.

Please help! I am trying to eat healthy but I find that somedays I dont want to eat at all so that ruins the diet anyway.

Sentara - Stephanie Ava 17/10/05, Perth, WA

Hey i think we all agreed a while back that beating the sugar blues is done well with Coke Zero or Pepsi Max.

Someone also suggested the DD lollies with no sugar or fat. I found some diabetic lollies at the chemist that are quite godd, cause my hubby is diabetic.

When feeling like sugar I try a big glass of water and than a nice sweet fruit, which work sometimes.

Well done on the loss that is fabulous.


Melissa,Melbourne, Vic

Good luck everyone. It seems hard but we will get there..
I am currently 81 kgs and want to get to 70 kgs. I got down to 77 kgs just through lots and lots of walking and eating sensibly but not starving myself! Snacking on wrong foods, being busy and lazy etc, has seen my weight climb up over the past few weeks so I am getting my act together and move these 10 or so kgs.
My boy just turned 1 so I am ready! smile

Kel,nsw, Girl '97 & Girl '02 & Boy '05

Hi everyone when I fall pregnant with my daughter I put on 12 kg and I lost all that weight after Jaye was born and also from breastfeeding and plus I change my meals and walked mosts days with Jaye and our dog to tone up and make myself feel better and heathy.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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