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2nd bub due exactly 1 year apart HELP!! Lock Rss

Hi all

I'm pregnant again.
Although I am very happy about another baby, i'm starting to get worried about how I am going to handle a 1 year old and a newborn.

Please offer any suggestions or tips, I would really appreciate them

All the best

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I know this is easier said but try relax...bub doesn't need you feeling uptight!

It's amazing how this happens but you will survive! Mothers of multiple babies survive...if they can do it they anyone can I think!

Make sure you get some YOU time...doing whatever is relaxing for yo so you can relax, think, and just have some peace! Get a massage as this will help relax you whuch will help you think more positively! Be prepared...have everything ready early as this will help relieve the last minute stress of getting it all together at the last minute!

I hope this helps and an sending heaps of calming hugs!

Take care

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Thanks for your reply mum78 smile

Im only in my first trimester so I have way to go yet.
Thanx for your advice, it helps to hear the encouraging messages.

I have a husband whom is very helpful with bubs, so that takes some pressure off.

Thanx again for your reply

All the best

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Dear ZacsMum,

Just wanted to let you know that you'll survive! I have two babies, their birthdates are 26/5/03 and 30/5/ they are a year apart just like your two will be. My little baby is 5 and a half weeks now, and we are ok!
Just after the baby's birth, don't expect to get too much done unless you're super mum! I would be completely happy if I was content to only keep the dishes done and the clothes washed and ironed, and the house kinda tidy...problem is I have heaps of other projects I would love to complete, but can't. Some days the baby's sleeps coincide and other days it feels like you get one to bed, and the other wakes....and even though my 13 month old is very good, it is still easier to do housework when she's some days you feel like all you accomplished was tidying up the messy kitchen or something. (and all you do is change nappies!)
Anyway.....I don't know if I've been encouraging or not....I was trying to be ;-0 .

Just don't have high expectations of what you'll be able to accomplish after the birth....get others to help with housework as much as possible, and don't feel guilty about what doesn't get done. (Really I think I'd better start listening to my own advice! tongue it would do me some good!)

Just think of how much fun they'll be when they are 1 & 2 or 3&4.....I can't wait!
Hope your pregnancy is going well,
Hi Zacs mum,

Congratulations and good on you!! You may be a little overwhelmed now, but it will very much have its rewards.

For starters, my sis and i are 12.5 months apart, and the very best of friends. You won't have to put away baby stuff for later, and the clothes won't be too far apart.

There will be tough times, it isn't an easy job, whether 1 or 5 children, but you will get there and it will be so worthwhile.

Take care, and hope to hear more,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanx to all for your replies George and Tepe

It's nice to hear what others have been through!!

Everything is going really well and I have my first visit with my paed in a couple of weeks smile

I can't wait to find out whether it is a boy or girl.

I really want a girl, but being so close in age it might be better to have a boy. Oh well as long as the baby is healthy and only takes 3 1/2 hours to come out like my first (then I will be extremely happy).

All the best

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i had 3 under 2.5 i found the tandem stroller most helpful & a 2nd high chair & cot made life esaier . make dinners in large amounts & freeze.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Zacs mum,

Have you had your appointment yet?? If so how did it go??

Goodluck with everything especially your little ?girl?, and i hope MS stays away from you!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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