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PND Medication Lock Rss


I was recently diagnosed with PND and the doctor started me on Zoloft. I had a really bad reaction and was incredibly sick from it. I felt like I had a gastro virus. He has now put me on Lovan, today being my first day on it, I feel ok.

Has anyone else had a reaction to meds?

Hi Natalie

I too am on Lovan as I had PND with my first the Dr didn't want to risk it with my second. I have had no side effects whatsoever. The Dr was explaining to me that apparenlty they are one of the best anti-depressants as they don't have side effects like weight gain and are often given to Anorexic / Bulimic people due to this fact. I can vouch for that comment and say that I have had no side effects at all.

The only comment I would not agree on 100% is that you can come off them instantly. I find that if I forget to take a tablet I tend to get a headache, like withdrawals I guess until I take the next tablet.

I hope it all goes well.


PS Best to get help early, I waited 2 years with my first and was an absolute wreck......

S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Natalie,

I am currently taking cipramil and I was told by my doctor that there would be side effects like upset stomach, headaches etc for about 2 weeks while my body adjusts. Has your doctor advised you of any side effects short term?

Good luck

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