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bubbie and Day Care Lock Rss

I have just recently returned to work FULL TIME after 4months maternity leave. I have put my daughter into day care full time. We are wondering how long does it take to adjust to the change in the routine and does it get better, because at the moment it sucks. She hardly eats at the centre, but she sleeps alot, I get her home and we might eat we are very grizzly and we have hard nights.
Any one and any input would greatly be appreciated.
Tammy and Kheyrra

Tammy and Kheyrra

Tammy, My little boy started day care last week for 2 days a week. His centre said that it will probably take at least a month for him to settle maybe two because he is there for a short time and he has been home with me for the last 15 months. It is tuff though as he is unsettled and doing all the things your little girl is doing. Hubby and I ended up having to move his cot back into our room so we could all get some sleep, as we were only getting 2 hours a night for a week, he is sleeping through again. I wish I could give you an answer but I can't. I hope things get better soon, as I know how hard it is. My little boys clings to me and screams when I leave, it takes him about 1 hour to calm down and then he is happy again. He also doesn't eat but will have a bottle so I have given day care persmission to give him as many bottles as he needs during the day which is normally only 3 220mls, he is normally on 3 bottles a day but hey 5 is fine if he happy. Good Luck, it will get better for both us I am sure.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Hi Tammy, I am an Early Childhood Teacher in a Long Day Care Centre. I also have a 6mth old baby and I am returning to work with him next week. It is hard to say how long it will take for the adjustment period as every child is different. Piglet is right to say at least 1 month but it could be more? My advise is to take a deep breath and hang in there. Look for small improvements such as longer sleeping patterns, better eating habits. Keep in contact with the carers at your centre and build a repore with the primary caregiver for your child (there should be 1 person). I also think it is extremely important for you to get support as well! It is a huge decision to return to work and for a lot of parents unfortunatley there is no option. It's going to be rough for a while but then as it gets easier you will see the rewards. If you need any more advise from my side of the fence (or centre gate) just let me know. Just remember LDC has a lot of benefits, even for young children so don't feel guilty!!! Persevere and things WILL get better.


Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

Thanks for your suggestions and input greatly appreciated.
Tammy and Kheyrra

Tammy and Kheyrra

Hi Tammy, How is Kheyrra going? I am pleased to say Joshua is doing well, though I not going to get a false sense of security just yet. He has started to eat morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and doesn't take too long to settle in the morning. I am lucky as I am able to stay and give him breakfast in the morning which I think helps a little bit for both of us. Apparently he is fine during the day and is sleeping on average 2 hours in the afternoon. He has stopped screaming and kicking when he has his nappy changed and just lays there but can get a bit impatient and tries to get up half way through the change. He has his favorite careers, which funnily enough are mine as well. The only strange thing is he cries when I pick him up. Lisa do you have any idea why this maybe? My theory is that he is happy to see me but upset that I left him in the first place. Any way I hope all is going well. Take Care and Happy Parenting!

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

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