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Periods while breastfeeding Lock Rss

Sorry to burden you all with this question but this forum is the quickest and easiest way to get a real answer, have tried calling health nurse and Breastfeeding australia this morn and cant get through. Well I am breastfeeding at present and have been exclusively for 5 months however I think I have just got my period back this morning? Is this right? and if so can I use tampons straight away or stick with pads? I thought I got a holiday from the dreaded periods due to breastfeeding..........It never ends does it LOL!

Hi natalie,

I got my period back when bubs was 4 months old even tho I was exlusively breastfeeding - grrr!! I read up and it says that women can get their periods back anytime up to bubs is 18 months old whether or not you're breastfeeding! I guess that's why its not a safe contraceptive?? Anyway, I was worried about using tampons too so I started off with pads but then I started thinking... well, if a baby can fit through there, then surely a tampon wouldn't be a problem - LOL. So, thats when I tentatively started again with tampons and it was fine!

It's a pain isn't it... literally and figuratively for me!!!! Not having had periods for over a year!!! It really hit me... I'm still trying to get use to my funny cycles!!!

Good luck. Hope that helps.

Bye for now.

You poor bugger, it totally sucks having them back. I got mine last month after weaning DD off all night feeds - well I assumed that was the trigger. I had a friend at work that feel preg when her DD was 3 months and she didn't even have her period. Its so weird, how it can vary so much.

On the sanitary product issue, use what ever you think is comforatable. I have stuck to pads, mind you not working or doing much away from home so its not a big issue for me. It's funny how we get nervous about that stuff. Even sex the first time was like being a virgin all over again - LOL.

I suppose the good thing by getting them back now is that you know every-thing is working.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Natalie I thought you only got your periods back when you finish breastfeeding your baby? I get pains in the stomach at are select date but I dont bleed yet.

How old is your little one again? Just use whatever you feel comfortable with if its tempons or pads.

Maybe you should ask your GP about getting your periods?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hey nat...
I stopped breastfeeding Jett at 2months and didnt get my periods back for another month after that. I used tampons straight away. I hate pads...
Gotta love being a chik!!!


I got mine back at 8 weeks and it hasn't come back yet(baby now 16 wks) I freaked out and did a preggo test but it was negative. My clinic nurse told me getting it back at 8wks while breastfeeding meant I was really fertile. I think you can get pregnant at anytime while bf as you still ovulate before your period appears.

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

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