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Hair Falling Out Lock Rss

My bub is 3 months old and my hair is coming out by the clump fulls!!!It's everywhere and driving my husband nuts.I'm sure it's normal but for how long does it fall out,i feel like i am going to be bald quite soon!!!!!!HELP

Vanessa ,DS-8, DD-6, DS-17.12.05

I'm in the same boat & my little fella is 6 months old!!!!! Good news though - i'm not bald yet!!!!!

I was very concerned to start with but apparently it is due to the hormones & once your hormones settle down then so does the hair loss. I was also told that Breast feeding can contribute to this - which makes sense with the hormones theory. I have this patch at the front of my hairline that is all baby hair. Not noticeable to others but definately plain as day to me!!!!

I was told that it may take up to 12 months!!!!! thank God my hair grows quick is all that i can say!!!!

Good luck & i hope that it settles down for you soon.

Simone, Mitchell 27/09/05 Taya 21/09/07

Hi there, the same thing is happening to me. My bubby is 3.5MTHS I have only really noticed it over the last 2 weeks. It is horriable and clogging up my drains. My bub keeps getting it in his hand and eating it. IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS. Ill be interested to hear some replies. Good luck to both of us hey. It actually scares me when I have a shower and wash my hair as to how much actually comes out BIG CLUMPS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mumma of 3.

SAME HERE!!! goodness I swear I am going to have none left soon. Its ending up all over the baby, all over the floor and the husband. Apparently your hair doesn't fall out much at all during pregnancy which is why you get thick lovely hair, but then it makes up for it after birth. So it should be just that extra hair and we hopefully won;t go bald. I think my hair loss is starting to slow down now. Bubs is coming up 5 months old.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

same as mine,all over the floor,my little man crawls all over in clumps thought i was the only 1 lol....but i dont think it has to breast feeding thoe cause i bottle feed..hormones yeh.
mine does the exact same thing
are you getting enough sleep sweetie???
and you have to eat well
yes i know how hard it is
i'm a stress head but it doesn't help

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Ladies,

I had the same thing happen after my first two were born - pretty normal actually..... the naturopath says to take Flaxseed Oil - you can buy it in a liquid for about $10 a bottle or capsules for about the same price.

Works well

QLD Mum of 5

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