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No more "I'll start tomorrows" Want to lose weight? Rss

Hi, My names is Amber, I have a 5 month old baby girl called Tayah and really want to lose weight. There's other thread's in here but I thought I'd start one up for people who want to start trying as of today!

I'm sick of not having nice clothes to wear I'm holding all my weight in my tummy and I feel like a slob. I'm 74kg and I want to get to AT LEAST 65. Anybody else wnat to join the journey with me?

I've decided to walk every night, it's be good for tayah too. And eat very healthy.

Hope to hear from you all soon. xXxX

Hey amber! Your not alone! I got 100kilos when I had Joel and now I am down to 78.8 (my height is 5ft 9")
I also would like to get to 65 kilos!
If you dont have back problems here is the best for ur tummy, lie on the floor with feet touching ur bum and put ur hands together up in the air and do 15-30 sit ups! Trust me you'll have tones more energy too and you will be able to hold urself better and then when u are fine with those (they also strengthen ur lower back!) try push ups! On ur knees though unless u r capable of doing the proper man ones!!
Also IF your on the pill it could also be making u put on weight! try and opt for a lower dose (longylon is quite good!) but everyone is different!

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