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How do people manage to have more than one child? Lock Rss

This is probably a common concern for a new mum, but honestly how is it possible to go on to have more than one child. I had a difficult birth which left me a bit traumatised. My baby is fabulous and lovely, but she is now five months and only sometimes sleeping through the night - which I know is better than some. I get so tired and sometimes quite emotional. I never wanted to have just one child but the thought of coping with a toddler and a newborn is horrifying right now, let alone giving birth again. I heard that after a year or so it seems less scary. My wee girl is so sweet and really very good and I still get exhausted. What if the next one is a terror. I'm sure these fears will pass - do they?

I send great blessings to those with multiples.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hey there larne2005!
Although I dont have 2 children I know where your coming from!
When Joel was 5months I couldnt get over how people could have more then 1 and have them less then 12months apart!!
I was emotional! and It is really hard!
When bub gets to about 10months she'll be a lot more interesting and you'll probably start to wonder where the time went!
The fears do pass! It's just different for everyone.If you ever just want to chat just e-mail me at
Having a 5month old is exhausting! They're exhausting at any age!!
I might not be able to physically help, but I can listen!

2 more sleeps

I have been wondering the same thing! My baby is nearly 7 months and keeps me so busy, and I love her so much I find it hard to imagine having that much love for another one as well! I had a traumatic birth, with an emergency c-section and a difficult recovery, and have been really up and down emotionally. Sometimes I feel like I'm just barely holding it together, how would I manage with two?
I guess becoming a mum is just such a huge life change, it's impossible to predict what having one baby is like in advance, let alone more. I have days when I get clucky and want another one, but then I think hang on, Let's make the most of the one we've got!

This new forum is strange ...

UNder 12 months is really hard especiaaly if it is your first. I ahve Thomas (10), Rena (8) adn Theo (14 weeks old) and I ove every minute of it. It does get easier and they provide you with so much love that having two or three or how ever many you want really fulfills your life. You will be amazed at what they cope with at school (it is nothing like what we did as kids) and the demands on them now a days. My two eldest can test me sometimes but they are little adults and really independant, my one and only wish is to have jsut one more day with them both as baby's. I would LOVE to be able to turn back time. Enjoy this time! Naomi
hi leanne, pls excuse typo's. i have a 2yo and 51/2 mth twins. lilfe is hectic... i wanted to have atleast 2 children knowing life was to be busy and it got so! things are hard and will be for u if you have more kiddies but it is a short time really on the scale of things and (as I do) keep telling yourself its twice (or 3 x ) the love!! do you have support ??at the end of each day i collapse but get up each morning with renewd enthusiasm as when u see their beautiful smiles u melt. and then crazy times start all over again. i am having problems with feeding these two newies and as i have v little support do find it extremely hard but that is what chocolate is for. your chikdren grow and develop their personalities , i believe, thru your/our guidance, so give all the love and affection and attention you can . new babies aren't really terrors, they r just struggling to deal with this new world and yes they can drive u crazy but usually it means something is wrong, i know as i have two that can cause me grief. do what your heart tells you.

Sallie, m.o. Kobe 12/03 Chelsea & Jesse 10/05 S.A.

Hi Larne, I was attending my 6 weeks check up when told that I was having my 2nd child. It really freaked me out as I was only 20 at the time. I hadn't yet got to know my baby and there I was having another! Anyway, along came baby no 2 - 11 months after my first. All I can say is that it was the best years of my life. I had a routine, and apart from getting their formulas mixed up in the fridge, it all went smoothly. My daughter has just blessed me with the most beautiful grandson, and she is amazed at how I did it, I wouldn't say it was easy and you have to be prepared to stay home a fair bit. The hardest part for me was grocery shopping, my twin stroller was difficult to manouvre as well as having to push the trolley. You girls have so many beautiful baby accessories available to you nowadays. I wish all you mums, new and old, all the best in what should be the most gratifying and pleasurable experience of your life. Enjoy!, and don't forget to keep records of all the milestones that your baby goes through, believe me, when your child is a parent they will want to know every single detail.

Mother to 3, Nanna to 1

Hi all, a timely topic for me! My son is 20 mths & awesome but definately making the most of his 'Mr Independant' / tantrum / difficult stage.
I'm getting hassled by friends & family more often now & am trying to talk myself into the idea of no. 2 sometime! I've only just got used to some sleep again!
When he's well, he's a great sleeper but has had months of coughs, colds, infections, etc and I'm sure every one of his 20 teeth have come thru in the middle of the night!
I don't have good memories of the birth, hospital, breastfeeding or the first few months at all & am not keen to re-live it all! Maybe I'll be lucky & get a better sleeper?!
Also, trying to juggle work, build a house, etc, etc...
I know it's probably better to have close age gaps but we'll see....

Emma, WA, Riley-July''''04, Keira-Feb''''08

Hi Larne2005,

I know things like complicated births san be scary, but remember more often that not, the staff at hospitals etc are very good at support, they have been trained to look after mums in labour a certain way, and are there to help smile And just keep thinking of what comes out of it, another wonderful blessing!!!! That is what I would concentrate on. It is a very emotional time for all tho, especially the mother, and pregnancy reeeeeeeaaaalllly does overtime on their emotions! I found it hard just getting induced, it was over three days, and I was getting more and more worked up by the day as everything possible starts going through your mind! :| I was getting anxious, knowing it could all happen at anytime. My girl is 8 months now, and a pure joy.
Remember there is nine months in a pregnany, and that leaves you a few months to get used to no.2!!! Lol.
My husband and I live in a very remote part on NZ, on the West Coast of the South island, and the thing I was traumatised by was the fact that the hospital was over two hours away, and I did not want to have another baby on the coast!!! Even driving 2 hours to see the midwife was enough the first time, let alone with one. But anyway, it would have been very hard, it has been very hard with one baby living here, but my fabulous hubby just got a job back in my home town of Whangarei, which is much more populated and civilalized!!! I will also have my friend and family around me again, which i don't here, and I know I will have support. I know the thought of another can be overwhelming, but there is no real set time to have them!!! They usually tell you! Lol.
Hope this helps, I have prattled on a bit!!!


hello there ive got 3 children the ages are 4 yrs 2yrs and 6 months old baby girl and i love being a mum all my kids are good some days you have your up and downs but the end of the day it turn out better in the end let me know how you go ok lisa
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