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I have been off work looking after my baby girl which she is 6 months old now. I was wondering if any other mums have started to look for work yet, and how are they coping?

i have been wanting to go back to work, but unable to get a job. Is anyone else having trouble?

how do you find working, childcare and looking after bub's i would like to hear some stories.

With my first baby I had to find a new job as I was made redundant just before I was due to return to work. Luckily I had my dad living with me and he looked after Maddy while I job hunted and attended interviews. I then got her into daycare 2 days a week just after I started work and dad looked after her the rest of the time. I tried to keep out the fact that I had an almost 1 year old at interviews because you culd see the change in people when they knew you had a baby - not right I know but we don't live in a perfect world. Especially if you only have 1 child as they think you'll be getting pregnant again soon.
Hi I dont work cause my partner earns very good money and what i earn would just cover the mortage for the house so we would be doing it very hard and I love looking after our daughter is 91/2 months old and her name is Jaye and she is a full hand of engery but I think that is good I will wait til she older.

What kind of job do you want? Have you got any family members that could after your daughter while you are at work? Cause I know daycare isnt cheap cause I was thinking of going back to work and for 3 days at daycare for Jaye it would cost me $150 to 200 aweek and I would just earn that in a week and that would pay for daycare but nothing else.

Good luck and let me know how you went
Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Renee,
I was forced to stop working 5 months ago because I was so ill during my pregnancy, I gave birth to Hayden 2 and a half weeks ago now. I always loved working and always said I would go back to work as soon as I was ready, because my fiance gets paid a pension through the army because he injured his back a few years ago. So I'm lucky because he will be at home to look after Hayden every day. He does some casual work with sports coaching for an hour a couple of days a week, so when I go back to work he will just ask one of our mums to come over to our place to watch Hayden for that hour, rather than going through the hassle of packing everything he needs and taking him to someone's house.

Even though it's only been a couple of weeks, I've started looking for work (more so because of financial issues), and I've got 2 interviews lined up - one tomorrow and one next week. It's a bit nerve racking and I feel a bit sad about not getting to spend as much time at home with Hayden, but I want to be able to give him (and me and my fiance) the best of everything, so in order to do that I guess I have to be out there working!!

What kind of work are you looking for? I worked in recruitment before I fell pregnant, and the 2 interviews I'm going to are to get back into recruitment, so if you have any questions, or if there's anything I can do to help or any advice I can give you, just let me know. Good luck with the job hunting!!

Hayden's mummy

Hi Renee
I am relatively lucky when it comes to work, only part time for the local council and in hospitality they let me take as much time as i liked before i was comfortable in coming back.
I am especially lucky also when it comes to child care as my mum only works part time and my mother in law doesn't work at all so I have built in baby sitters and bub enjoys spending the time with his grandparents. This also means I am not going to work just to pay childcare either.
I returned to work when bub (now 9 months) was 4 months old. I only do 15hours at the moment per week which is usually about 2 or 3 shifts and mainly at night, this really suits my partner and myself as there is not to much interruption to bubs routine, the extra money helps too.

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

Hi Renee,
I had my baby in July, having moved over here from UK (my Dh is a Kiwi). When Bub was about 3 months, I applied for a job doing admin for a local doctors and really enjoy it.
My MIL looks after DS for 3/4 hours 1 afternoon a week, and I do a few more hours at the weekend when DH looks after Bubs.
Luckily this childcare is free and, as it is people I trust, of the highest standard. This would be my main problem with paying someone for care, I would find it hard to trust anyone I hadn't known for years!
It is great to get out to work tho, and if I could sort out more care I was happy with then I could do a lot more......but........I really love spending all the time with my wee man, and I don't have to work so I will happily stick with the same situation at the moment. This is only my story, so hope it helps you decide what you are doing!
Good luck

Jen and 13mth Harvey

My advise would be to get back into the work force as soon as possible. I have been a stay at home mum for 5 and 1/2 years and noone wants to employ me. No employer wants to know me.
I completed year 12 and worked for 1 year for an import/ export company before falling pregnant. im keen to work and willing to learn but find getting a job near impossible.
I hope you have better luck than I have had.

vic, 2 girls, 20m and 5y

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