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Do you feel scared about number 2 Lock Rss

My Husband and I have been chuckin' up the idea of having numer two child. We have always said that We've wanted the gap 18maonths to 2 years with our kids.

Our first kid is 6 months old and we palned him as a September baby and that's what we got, now we want a March baby or a July Baby which mean we'd have to start now! I didn't think the planning of number two would come so quick! Which has left myself a little aperhensive, but at the same time I can't weight to have Number two.

Does anyone feel the same and how do you over come the feeling?

Thanks for listening
See ya Soon
Country Kid

Alana, Country NSW with Riley and Brodie

Absolutly DH and i talked about it the other day and we want about 2 - 3 years between babies. The thing is DD has been such a good baby all my freinds have told me that number 2 is opposite to number 1. However i feel like i will be more prepared for the second one.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

hi, my first 2 are 18mths+1day apart.
now that they are 9-7 they are great mates but i regret having such a small gap. at 11 months old my first had to settle for less time attention and energy from me as i didn't cope with the pregnancy any wear near as well and i missed out on so much with him. give your baby the best first year you can wait till 12mths before trying again. this way your body also has a chance to recover, bubs (hopefully) will be sleeping through all the time, and a 21mth+ toddler needs your body less than a 18mth old baby. it is amazing how much difference there is in those 3 mths.

PS sounds like i'm telling you what to do but i'm just trying to express how strongly i feel this is what i would do if i could do it over.

jessies mum

Hi Country kid,

I have always wanted to have my kids close, so that they can grow up together and be best of friends. My DD has just turned one and we have been trying for number 2 for about a month now.

I am afraid that it will take me too long to conceive #2 as it took 12mths with #1. I am not at all apprehensive and cant wait fo #2 to come, so much so that i have just recently brought 'Maybe baby' ovulation kit to get the ball rolling.

Goodluck and im sure you will overcome this feeling, just enjoy your little man as they grow up too quick.
i can say i feel the same as you do i cant wait for numer 2 i have a 5 month old now and im hanging to bring number 2 along any time now. i dont even have my periods back yet im hoping i do soon though coz i know then i know what my body is doing and when the right time is to try for number 2. My husband and i discussed that we would wait till our daughter was at least 1 1/2 before trying for number 2 but at the moment we are not using any form of contraception we said to ourselves that if it happens this quick great and if it doesnt well thats ok too. i have a friend that has a 3month old and has just found out she is pregnant with her second baby...and yes i can say im clucky about it....
Hi Country Kid,
My first 2 boys there is an age gap of 20months and yes it was a bit hectic at first but then things seem to settle down and you tend to cope a lot better than you ever thought you would.
We then had our 3rd baby when my 1st was turning 4and my second was turning 2 so I have no regrets of having them so close as they love being together when they are in the mood to be friends.
My 1yr old loves to hang around them just for the entertainment but he is picking up some behaviour things I think as we have started the tantrums already!!.
Go for it and I am sure you will manage just fine,
having number 2 for your little man will be wonderful.

I too can't wait to have #2 but I want to get back to shape inside and out before hand. We have decided to try around the end of the year to have a September bub which will mean about a 2 year age gap. I have read an article a while ago now that less than 2 year or more than 5 year age gap is best as between 2-5 little ones are starting to find themselves but still don't see themselves as separate to mum so that's where sibling rivalry stems from.....I think that's what it said from what I remember??? But anyway, it took me a little while to even consider have another bub but now I can't wait. I'm soooo much more confident now smile
My partner and I have already decided we will have another one when Jaye is 4 years old and that it would be easy on us and plus Jaye can help us out with being a big sister and I think if you a ready to have another baby and that your husband is happy about it than you have nothing to worry about but if you arent to sure than just wait for awhile to work out when you are ready.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09



My first was a whopping 11lb 1oz (5015g). Everyone keeps reminding me the second one is always bigger, and because my giant baby is so well behaved, they also tell me number two will be a terror.

Don't they want more grandkids???

Im not sleeping as is............Do I really wanna go for number 2????


TaNiMaMa BoY! DOB:27/05/05

i must be the clukkiest mummy on here bubs is only 6 months so i wasn to wait till she is bout 18 months ,although knowing what labour is like is what scares the hell out of me,and i had a very easy labour!!!!!


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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